Cyber Security: How To Create An It Security Policy For Your Employees

Cyber Security: How To Create An It Security Policy For Your Employees

Cyber Security: Let’s try to ask ourselves a question: is it more important to be able to solve a problem quickly or prevent it from occurring?

We are convinced that it is much better to work in prevention, especially in the IT security field, even more so if you have employees. It is not enough to invest in software that can protect your systems; hacker attacks are often caused by mismanagement of the resources that your colleagues have at their disposal. And it is essential to adopt a cyber security policy within your company.

Here are five basic steps to enforce:

Password Management

It will seem the banalest and most obvious thing, yet it is often overlooked: managing your passwords effectively is the first step to guaranteeing the security of your systems. Instructing your employees to use different passwords for each account and generating them with a high level of difficulty should be suggested from the first day of work, as well as remembering to change them frequently and instructing them not to share or write them down where they could be easily found. And maybe make sure that – if possible – two-factor authentication is also used.

Outline The Risks

Often the computer security problem is taken lightly, and the first to overlook it are the employees, convinced that it is not a topic that concerns them, convinced that “someone else will take care of it.” But it is not so, The danger affects everyone, and often, there is much more at stake than they imagine. This is why never belittling the issue among colleagues and, on the contrary, adopting a policy that always warns everyone, even at the cost of generating a bit of fear among employees, could motivate them to comply with safety guidelines. It would not be bad to create and disseminate a list of points to be respected so that you have all the information on the risks you run and how to deal with them.

Be Clear And Concise

It is useless to get lost behind explanations or documents that are too long; employees will not pay attention to dispersive notions. Concepts must be explained clearly and quickly, even when dealing with situations or dangers that may appear vague and not very concrete. The important thing is that there are no misunderstandings and that every company employee understands the need to respect the basic rules for guaranteeing safety. And don’t forget to monitor that the topic has been understood by every person involved.

Educate On The Types Of Networks

People often don’t think about the difference between connecting to their accounts from home, office, or public networks, and they tend to do all kinds of operations similarly. This is why it is essential to explain that each type of connection guarantees extra security, and it is never good to monitor your work in any place, such as on a lunch break in public wifi or in the bar under the office. This could compromise all company documents, and perhaps even personal ones. It should always be emphasized that not all networks are secure, and we must not trust the first ones we come across.

Update Often

We know how boring and unproductive it is to wait for a system to update, and we often avoid it because we don’t have time to wait or don’t understand its importance since nothing often changes visually. This is because many updates concern the back-end, the parts that users do not see. After all, they are not in the interface, but the obsolete versions of the software are the ones that are most attacked by hackers and must always be updated.


Step into these five steps to educate your employees on cyber security so they can protect your business and themselves. Playing early is the best solution. And if you have any doubts or want advice on this topic, we are available to guide you in finding the most effective solution for you.

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