Write For Us

Write For Us

Here is the much-awaited activity; we are accepting guest posts for the blog!!!

You may have a few queries; we tried to answer most of them, but if you feel we missed something related to write for us technology, please let us know via email, and we will answer them at the earliest.

Email Id: info.techupdatestoday@gmail.com

What is a “write for us” or “write for us technology” page?

A write for us page is a web page of a website, where a specific website or business states that the respective website accepts the posts from external authors. This page will provide all the requirements you need to meet or qualify for contributing a guest post to a website.

How to approach a website admin for a guest post?

Usually, every website will have a team that manages the site, and there will be an admin who will be head of the whole team. You can reach out to the admin with the specific details provided on the website.

Does Tech Updates Today accept guest posts?

Yes, we are currently accepting guest posts, and if you are a tech enthusiast or blogger, you can reach out to our email address below and share your thoughts and ideas.

Does Tech Updates Today have any guidelines to follow for contributing a guest post?

Yes, we have a bare minimum of guidelines to be followed for contributing to our blog.


1: Your article should be plagiarism free

2: Your article should not be reused anywhere 

3: You can add a do-follow link to your website + 2 high DA links are also allowed

4: You can share the article via google sheets or MS Word Doc

5: That’s all, nothing more!

What can be the turnaround time(TAT) for publishing my article?

We generally publish an article after multiple checks, and it takes 2 – 3 hours. But, sometimes, we might have other articles in the pipeline, so it might take 2 more hours to publish your article and revert to you.

Which articles are accepted by the Tech Updates Today(TUT) website?

We accept all the tech-related articles on our website. If you can write about the latest and upcoming trends in technology, we will be more than happy to publish them on our website.

Do you also accept guest posts from other areas?

Apart from technology, we also accept guest posts on BusinessMarketing, and Gadgets. We can also review products & apps and write a genuine review about your product to our viewers to help them to understand your product better and take a call on them. 

The category of my article is not mentioned in the list; what to do?

No worries, you can directly reach out to us via email and check for such topics. You can find our email address above if you have any queries.

What should be our email subject when we approach the TUT team for a guest post (write for us technology)?

You can use any of the following as a subject of your email while writing your thoughts to us.

  • Write For Us Technology
  • Technology Write For Us
  • Tech Write For Us
  • Write For Us Tech
  • Write For Us Business
  • Technology Guest Post
  • Write For Us Apps
  • Write For Us Reviews
  • Marketing Write For Us
  • Business Write For Us
  • Gadgets Write For Us

What are the benefits of publishing an article on the TUT website?

There are numerous benefits you get after publishing your article on TUT.

  • Your article will be read by millions of our subscribers around the world. 
  • If we write a review about your product, you will get leads from every part of the globe.
  • You or your product will get worldwide exposure.

Can we send our guest posts (write for us technology) on weekends also?

Yes, we have a team that works 24/7 to serve our clients and deliver the promised services. You can contact us and check for queries as well.

Is guest posting is legal, and will it have any effects on our client’s website?

Google approves guest posting, and it is a healthy practice to build a website technically. It can be harmful only when you place your links on a spammy website.

Can guest posting increase the number of my website’s audience?

Without a second thought, YES. It is one of the safest and best practices to grow your followers.

Do you suggest any keywords to find a blog that accepts guest posts(write for us technology)? 

Here are the top-performing keywords for finding a technology write for us page

  • Technology Write For Us
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  • Technology guest blogging write for us
  • Technology Guest Post write for us
  • Blog Name + “want to write for”
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  • SEO & technology “write for us”
  • Name of Blog + “Guest Post Submission Guidelines”
  • Blog Name + “Write For Us”

We have a suggestion or idea for Tech Updates Today; how to approach the team?

You are always welcome for any query or idea. You can draft an email with ” Technology Write For Us” or “Write For Us Technology ” as the subject and share your suggestions and ideas related to guest posting to our email id.

Email Id: info.techupdatestoday@gmail.com