The importance of the company’s “career” page in the recruitment process

The importance of the company’s “career” page in the recruitment process

Using the company’s “career” tab should be a high priority task for any HR department. However, in order for such a website to fulfil its role properly, it must be thoroughly prepared.

If a job seeker enters the company’s website and finds a separate tab dedicated to candidates on it, they will certainly get to know its content. Therefore, in the tab called “career” (or “job” or “job offers”), information should be included that will encourage potential employees to submit an application and then start cooperation.

The most exciting information for the candidates concerns the atmosphere in the company and the current organizational culture. Potential future employees also want to know whether the development paths are defined, how the on-boarding of a new employee proceeds and what stages the recruitment process for a given position consists of.

Therefore, this type of tab must be attractive both in terms of content and graphics. It will have a positive impact on the number of candidates applying to the organization.

Inform, but also ask for feedback

When designing a career website, it is also worth preparing a survey examining the opinion of job seekers regarding the assessment of its content. Asking questions about the usefulness of the published content also allows the candidates to express their opinion on the information contained on the website. The answers obtained in the survey will allow you to improve the “career” tab, which in turn will have a large impact on building a positive image of the employer.

The company’s history

Description of the history of the company’s creation, information about what the organization does, in which business sector it operates, and the planned direction of development. Elements such as a timeline showing key events in the company’s life, photos documenting its activities and information about the founders will also be interesting for the candidates.

Mission, vision and values ​​of the company

Presentation of the company’s mission, vision, direction in which the organization is heading, and what is valuable to it. Characteristics of values ​​so that the candidates can get acquainted with them and verify whether they are consistent with their beliefs. A recruited employee who identifies with the organization and its values ​​will have an emotional bond with the company. Such an employee will stay with the company for financial reasons and feel the need to be part of the team. During the recruitment interview, it is worth asking the candidates what values ​​they follow at work or in life to see if they correspond to the importance ​​of the organization.

Company location

Address of the head office and branches, if the company has one, and contact telephone numbers. Additional facilitation will be the placement of a map with the location and an indication of the possibility of getting to the company. It is also worth including information on whether the organization has a company car park.

Company structure

Organizational chart, preferably presented in a graphic version or in the form of a list of all departments with a description of the tasks they deal with.

Organizational culture, the atmosphere in the company

This is an element that candidates are very interested in. Organizational culture is a system of values ​​and opinions with which the employer wants to be identified and constitutes a specific pattern of conduct in the company. Organizational culture has a very large impact on building the employer’s brand on the market, and thus, if it is positive, it may contribute to a more efficient acquisition of talents for work.

Important elements of the organizational culture include:

  • the values ​​guided by the employer,
  • the style of communication used in the company, which may be formal or unofficial,
  • dress code, i.e. the outfit obligatory in everyday work, it can be elegant, i.e. formal, loose or in the form of official clothing provided to employees (e.g. uniforms, aprons),
  • the management style preferred in the company, which can be based on trust and feedback or on employee evaluation and control (the first is preferred),
  • forms of appreciating employees: both financial, such as bonuses, awards, salary supplements, as well as non-wage ones, such as benefits, ongoing praise, vertical promotion or extension of the scope of tasks,
  • Approach to work and the employee manifested in respecting the principle of work-life balance (a concept assuming the effective combination of work and private life of an employee with the use of such tools as non-wage benefits, integration events, health promotion in the workplace, psychological support). Following this concept can bring many benefits to the employer, such as a positive impact on the employee’s sense of well-being, increased commitment and job satisfaction, greater efficiency in performing professional tasks, and reduced rotation in the organization,
  • CSR activities prove that the organization is socially responsible and involves its team in these activities.

It is also important to present on the “career” page what the day at work looks like in individual positions – what hours and days of the week the company works, and the company’s communication channels. An interesting element will also be photos showing office and social rooms, relaxation zones, the building’s surroundings. It is worth posting photos of employees at work, during integration events or company trips.

Workers silhouettes

The presentation of profiles of several currently employed employees (those who agree) can be of great value for the “career” tab. It is best to choose employees with different years of service, from different departments and holding different positions, and then describe how they found their way to the company, what they do in it, how their career path unfolded, and indicate what interests they have, how they spend their free time.

Job advertisements

Make sure that the job advertisements on the website are up-to-date. After completing the recruitment process, outdated offers must be removed. It is also worth providing information on how much time is left until the end of the recruitment.

Chat with the recruiter

An exciting form of contact with recruiters is a chat via chat, implemented on the website. In the on-call duty, it is worth providing information on the hours and days of the week when candidates can talk about recruitment, announcements, or work in an organization.

The course of the recruitment process

Information about the recruitment process. This can be done graphically by showing the process steps in a diagram or in a descriptive form. Both in the first and in the second case, it is possible to personalize the processes for each position.

Initial training (on-boarding), first day on the job

The first day at work is an enormously stressful time for most employees. An important element of the career page will therefore be a description of the initial training (how long it lasts, who conducts it, what modules it contains) and a brief description of the first day at a given position (who will conduct the on-the-job implementation, how long it will last, what are the main tasks). Pictures from the initial training sessions will also be interesting for the candidates.

Non-wage benefits

During the recruitment interview, candidates often ask about the non-wage benefits offered by the company. The career page should contain a description of the benefits that would encourage job seekers (benefits provided by the benefit, conditions for using a given benefit).

Development opportunities in the company’s structures

If the organization has defined development paths for individual positions, it is worth presenting them – preferably in a graphic form -. It is also possible to describe the external training that employees participate in and, if organized, to mention internal training.

Contact the HR department.

You can place a contact form to the HR department on the website so that candidates can write and ask questions that bother them.

A survey examining the opinion on the “career” tab

The element that will allow you to verify whether the career website is structured correctly will be an anonymous survey addressed to visitors to the website.

Here are the proposed survey questions (open-ended questions with the possibility of giving a longer answer):

  1. Indicate which information was most useful to you on the career page.
  2. List the information that turned out to be the least important.
  3. What information is missing on the career page? What should be extended?
  4. Did the career tab encourage you to apply for our company?

An important task of the HR person

Involvement in creating a good “career” tab is one of the tasks of the person responsible for HR activities in a given company. When constructing it, it is good to remember that it should be consistent with other tabs of the company website and the organization’s marketing strategy and that it should respond to the needs of its stakeholders, who are candidates looking for employment.

In addition to the suggestions they made in the short questionnaire suggested above, it is worth paying attention to what organizational questions are most often asked during recruitment meetings. This may serve as a hint when improving the “career” page.

It is also good when the content addressed to the candidates is written in a simple, understandable language, saturated with benefits. The website itself is available in a computer version and in a mobile version (for smartphones and tablets).

Finally, it is worth remembering that building the image of an attractive employer is neither a simple process nor one that gives immediate results. Conscious organizations undertake various activities to attract the best candidates and encourage them to apply. Undoubtedly, however, such an action is also the construction of a content-attractive and visually attractive “career” tab.

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