5 Mistakes That Worsen The User Experience Of Your Site

5 Mistakes That Worsen The User Experience Of Your Site

User Experience, A confusing or complex design can discourage users: here are 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make if you don’t want to scare your potential customers.

The concept of User Experience must always be kept in mind by those who create a website since a complex or confusing design can discourage users and push them to leave the page. Before discovering the main mistakes of not committing to welcoming the user in the best possible way, let’s see what this term means.

The User Experience?

User Experience or UX or user experience means what a person feels when using a product or service. It takes into account the experiential and affective aspects, as well as the attribution of meaning and value connected to the interaction with a system, and also includes personal perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency.

More specifically, with reference to a website, it concerns the user’s browsing experience, which is determined by various factors such as the interface, the design and graphics of the website, the communication strategy, and the contents, as well as SEO optimization, which is essential to ensure that the website is traceable on search engines.

User Experience: 5 mistakes to be avoided absolutely

As we have already had the opportunity to mention, the User Experience of a site is a complex mix because several factors contribute to defining it. Now let’s find out the five mistakes not to make if you want to avoid letting your users escape.

Slow and difficult web pages to load

The worst way to welcome users to your website is to land them on slow, hard-to-load web pages. Excessive loading times push users to leave the website and look elsewhere for the answers to their needs and requirements. Not surprisingly, even Google rewards the fastest web pages in the loading phase in terms of positioning, both on desktop and on mobile.

Too many banners and advertisements

Connected to the previous speech is another typical mistake of those who do not pay sufficient attention to the User Experience of their website: fill it with banners and advertisements to monetize as much as possible. Excessive use of banners and advertisements makes the site “heavier” and risks being too intrusive in the eyes of the user, who may have difficulty reading the entire content, become impatient, and, therefore, leave the site.

Unclear interface

Too often, the concept of User Experience (UX) is confused with that of User Interface ( UI ): if, in fact, the former refers, as we have already seen, to the quality of the user’s experience when the latter performs an action within site, the second refers to the tool made available by the site to perform this action.

The use of unclear navigation labels, the presence of broken links that return a 404 error page, and the absence of a search button within site are all elements that transmit a message of little attention towards the management of the site’s resources and the user’s needs.

Poorly edited texts

A fundamental concept inherent in the user experience of a website is its simplicity: in addition to the design of the site optimized for a perfect User Experience, the texts must also be designed to make life easy for the reader. That is, they must have the right formatting, with the appropriate bold, italics, subtitles, and bulleted or numbered lists. The color, font, and size of the characters, then, must be designed to be readable effortlessly by users.

Neglect the mobile version

Browsing the Internet from mobile devices has long since overtaken that from desktops and, therefore, not paying adequate attention to the user experience from smartphones (and tablets) is an unforgivable mistake for those who manage a website. Not surprisingly, even Google, the number one search engine in the world, pays particular attention to this aspect when evaluating (and positioning) the various sites.

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