Business Need Creative Energy

Business Need Creative Energy

Energy is at the heart of everything

Creative Energy: At this moment, all companies (and even states) are focused on optimizing the energy sources necessary for their business. Today, however, we want to deal with another vital energy for the success of companies, the one that combines creativity and innovation.

So let’s start again: energy is at the center of everything; indeed, it is the center of everything and is connected to everything. It serves to achieve objectives, meet deadlines, progress in development, and find unexpected solutions. With energy, it is possible to find new solutions to new problems. It’s a matter of approach: the energy makes you “move your foot forward” by the little amount needed to take a new step.

Recalling what was stated by one of the most singular and exciting intellectuals of the last century, Richard Buckminster Fuller, inventor of geodesic domes, among other things, “You will never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes reality obsolete”. 

As can be understood, it is an entirely new approach: one does not have to adapt to reality by trying to modify it with concepts and tools already available. Instead, we need to implement lateral thinking to find the creative intuition that takes us directly into a new reality. 

Many things have changed since then, but in these times of epochal challenges concerning energy, these suggestions must be treasured. Let’s remember that energy is the synthesis that underlies evolution, the famous spark that illuminates reality with a new light, decontextualizing it and repositioning it in a place that just wasn’t there before.

Prometheus steals fire from Zeus to give it to men: perhaps the first example of discovering a new form of energy.

Energy is light, symbolic, or real, which allows man to experience his dimension fully and to find others: just think of the scenarios told by the film Interstellar, in which universal energy allows the simultaneous flow of an infinity of parallel worlds that can also communicate with each other allowing to know unexpected solutions.

Speaking of energy and creativity, we are speaking of a force that pushes us to recompose not only the image but the very structure of what we know or thought we knew up to that moment. In a simplified way, the ingenious intuition, the egg of Columbus, produces a lateral deviation capable of producing a general advance of collective awareness.

Creativity: a form of energy

These assumptions make us understand how much energy and creativity are intrinsically linked and very often represent the two sides of the same coin. And it is also for this reason that creativity means a form of energy that should never be spared because, among other things, it has the characteristic of not being dispersed, is not subject to decay, and keeps its positive force uncontaminated.

The composition of creative content allows you to stabilize a quantity of energy that remains constant over time, evenly distributing it among those who want to share it. This is the so-called “long horizon” of creative energy: in fact, valuable content has a duration over time and capacity for involvement that remains unaltered without undergoing temporal decay. This premise also allows us to outline the meaning of contemporary creative design.

The pandemic period, which, fortunately, is running out, combined with the urgent ecological deadlines of 2030 and 2050, oblige us to outline energy paths that involve the entire human community. So it is undeniable that never more than today, the future, precisely because of its instability and uncertainty, is at the center of collective reflection.

The long confinement caused by the pandemic has generated an energy shock that has allowed us to find new solutions to invent a new reality. We have called it many things: online, hybrid reality, and recent technological reality.

New creative sparks for the future of communication

Thought still fails to clearly and unambiguously define what we are already experiencing because they are fluid, changeable, constantly evolving realities. What an adequate dose of energy can help us do is open ourselves to creativity and be capable of thinking of new models that make the present reality obsolete. This energy has also triggered new phenomena that are redefining corporate communication boundaries. And develop new forms of communication, such as Branded Podcasts for example.

We are thus putting Fuller’s suggestion into practice to invent a new level of communication and existence. It is, therefore, a question of adopting a different attitude towards life, projecting one’s expectations into the future, and deconstructing the linearity of future thought, making it non-consequential concerning the present.

This is a method that creativity constantly adopts daily and which, today, must become the shared heritage of all fields of doing and knowledge: from research to industry, from agriculture to medicine. The challenge is that of the future imagined through the force of creative energy. Go beyond reality, and let yourself be pushed by creative energy to imagine what is not there yet.

At this point, the reflections of another contemporary intellectual, the Canadian Marino Min Basadur, come to our aid through his concept of Applied Creativity (the system of applied creativity); he encourages us to imagine products and processes that are substantially different from the conventional ones.

Applied creativity

The great director Federico Fellini told an anecdote about his relationship with the workers of Cinecittà: arriving in the morning, he showed the chief stagehand the sketches of the scenes he had imagined during long sleepless nights. They were sketches of staging machines of impressive size, like the steamer, Rex reconstructed in the studio for a scene in Amarcord.

Faced with the visionary madness of the great director, the master builder, even before verifying the feasibility of Fellini’s dreams, always replied in the same way: “Done, doctor.” Fellini’s creative energy gave him the strength to make a lateral imaginative leap which he then shared with his team. And this allowed him to deliver his dreams to the filmmaker through cinematographic sets.

Imagine creating

In our national history, that phrase “Done, doctor” was the leitmotif of an era, that of the second post-war period, during which all of Italy, giving full use of its creative energy, imagined a different future for itself. He did so thinking of a general context, not simply focusing on the development of a product: creative energy needs large, long-lasting spaces that develop over several floors. For this reason, if we imagine a new country, then now is the time to generate the energy necessary to imagine a new future for us and our businesses.

We need a vision that allows us to contextualize each element in its space, giving it back the right dimension and a correct interpretation. The exact opposite of thinking: it has always been done this way, this situation is always the same, and nothing has ever changed. Our mission today is to let ourselves be carried away by the creativity and energy that underlies it, to think “out of the box.” Only in this way will we be able to synthesize innovative solutions that lead us to face the challenges of an imminent future.

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