How To Check And Delete All Phrases That Amazon Alexa Has Heard

How To Check And Delete All Phrases That Amazon Alexa Has Heard

If you are concerned about your privacy and want to make sure that your requests to Amazon Alexa remain at home once they are fulfilled, you have the possibility to do so with a few simple steps. Here are which ones.

Using a smart speaker that listens to your requests, transmits them to a distant server, and, in some cases, keeps them to analyze them requires either a great trust in the big web services companies or the certainty of not letting slip phrases related to compromising behaviors. In any case, it is the user’s full right to reconstruct what he dictated to the voice assistant and even better to delete his own conversations.

The task of canceling what has been said to the smart speaker is not exactly simple also because the companies that provide the services have the advantage not only from studying the requests that have been successfully completed (for example the songs you listen to and how many times you request light to be turned off) but also those that have not been heard due to bad listening or bad diction.

In any case, for the protection of your privacy, it is convenient to know how to permanently delete your conversations and here we help you do it if you are using Amazon Alexa.

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Delete Recordings From The App

It is possible to delete conversations from the Alexa app. After opening it on your smartphone, you will have to click on the hamburger menu and select the Settings item. From here, one more click on Alexa Privacy.

At this point, a new page will open, where it will be necessary to click on the arrow at the bottom of the menu item at the top, which among the options shows “Review the voice history”. By clicking on this wording you will enter a menu where you can click on “Delete all recordings for …”, being able to choose whether to delete those of “today”, “yesterday”, “this week”, “this month”, “Entire history” or “custom”.

Furthermore, again from this menu, it will be possible to choose whether to enable the item “Enable deletion via voice command”: if enabled, this function allows you to delete recordings using the voice command “Alexa, delete what I just said”, or ” Alexa, delete everything I said today ”.

Delete Web Recordings

It is also possible to reach the same result from desktop, via a web browser. The first thing to do is to click directly to this address, where the Alexa Privacy information will be present. From here you will have to click on “Review voice history” and, as happens on the app, you can choose to manually delete the conversations of “today”, “yesterday”, “this week”, “this month”, “entire history” or “customized”.

Similarly, even from the web, it will be possible to choose whether to enable the deletion of this data also via voice command.

In carrying out these operations, Amazon warns that the user experience could slightly deteriorate, as Alexa keeps these recordings to customize the smart experience and adapt it to user needs. All these recordings, in other words, help create a voice profile for each new user: moreover, Amazon’s acoustic models are deleted if the speaker hasn’t recognized a specific user for three years.

If after these instructions you are more convinced that Alexa can exceed your expectations on Privacy, try taking a look at the offers on Echo devices.

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