How To Temporarily Disable or Delete Facebook Account Forever

How To Temporarily Disable or Delete Facebook Account Forever

You are tired of photos of kittens and the like, “keyboard lions” who have to say about everything and everyone with foaming at the mouth, endless lists of useless and meaningless posts, vulgar comments, devoid of any modesty, slander, populism, blatantly false news and how much else appears on Facebook every day? Well. The time has come to say enough is enough.

The procedure to deactivate (even temporarily) or delete a Facebook account is quite simple but not too publicized. Here’s how to proceed. Before doing so, keep in mind that you will no longer have access to photos, lists of friends, games, and other activities and services that can be used thanks to social networks (some sites, for example, allow you to skip the registration procedure by indicating your Facebook credentials).

How To Proceed From The Browser (on Mac or PC)

Enter Facebook, click on the triangle at the top right and select “Settings”, select “Security” (in the left section of the screen), and click on “Edit” in the “Deactivate your account” section. Facebook explains that by deactivating the account, the user’s profile will be disabled and the name and image will be removed from most of the elements that have been shared on the social network. Some information, such as your name in your friend lists and messages sent, may continue to be visible to other people.

After confirming (indicating the password) that you want to proceed with the deactivation, the social network will try to convince us to stay by showing photos of ‘friends’ ‘, explaining that they “will miss us”. In any case, it will be sufficient to indicate the reason for the deactivation (eg “I think Facebook is useless’ ‘) and click on “Deactivate”. It is important to select the option “Do not receive emails from Facebook in the future”. If this option is not active, even after deactivation, the “friends” will be able to continue to invite us to events, tag us in photos or ask to join groups. By activating the option in question we will not receive these invitations and notifications by e-mail from friends.

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Total Deletion Of The Facebook Account

Before proceeding with the total deletion of the account, you can download a copy of your information on Facebook. Just go to Settings and from the “General” section, choose “Download a copy of your data”. The archive in question includes posts, shared photos and videos, messages and chats, details from the About section of your profile, and more. The procedure requires the password to be re-entered.

For the complete deletion of the account, you must go to this address. The social network explains that by confirming the deletion it will not be possible to reactivate the account later or recover the contents or information entered. Deleting all published content, such as photos, status updates, or other data stored on backup systems, may take up to 90 days from the start of the deletion process.

Such information is inaccessible to other people who use Facebook during the deletion process. Some of the things you do on Facebook aren’t stored on your account. For example, a friend may continue to have our messages even after the account is deleted. This information remains even after the account is deleted.

How To Proceed From Mobile Devices

From the dedicated app for mobile devices (e.g. the app for iOS), it is possible to deactivate the Facebook account permanently or temporarily. The mechanism is similar. Just select Settings, choose “Account Settings”, select “Security”, choose “Deactivate” in the “Account” section and indicate the password.

You can reactivate your account at any time if and when you wish to log in again.

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