How To Encourage a Customer To Buy a Product – Sales Psychology

How To Encourage a Customer To Buy a Product – Sales Psychology

Selling is a set of practical skills and techniques that allow you to establish a relationship between a seller and a customer and communicate to the latter that we are offering something to meet their needs. Thus, the key is to understand the customers’ needs (or to create them) and present the product or service in such a way that will respond to their expectations.

Sales as a life skill

Contrary to appearances, this is not something that we have to learn in a special way. All because it is a life skill that we use completely intuitively every day. Every day we offer something we have to others in exchange for what others have. However, since sales are what we use every day, why do some people deal with it better than others?

Overcoming your own weaknesses

Confrontation with the customer is a situation that brings out all fears, fears, weaknesses, and limitations from us – sellers. This is the moment when we have to show off our emotional intelligence, self-confidence, the ability to consciously use the tools of verbal and non-verbal communication, understanding the client’s needs, and flexibility. Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses, we can consciously create a message that will create the image of a reliable, solid, and worthy of interest brand.

Getting to the heart and mind

Selling is the ability to balance between gentle persuasion and manipulation. On the one hand, we must be noticed, and on the other hand, we must be careful not to discourage customers with an aggressive and intrusive narrative. We should remember that people buy based on their emotions but ultimately try to rationalize their choice. Therefore, when selling, we must identify the views of the customer so as not to force him to act contrary to his nature. If the client likes to boast of social status, the main argument will be the prestige and exclusive dimension of the product, not its functionality. If, on the other hand, the customer is economical, the fact that the product is available in a limited edition will not go to him, but the argument about considerable savings compared to competitive solutions will hit the spot.

A good seller uses stereotypes that confirm the arguments (who among us does not trust German precision ?!), uses contrasts, compares the offer with the competition’s offers, helps the customer find arguments that rationalize his purchasing decision. When selling, we can reach for the so-called social proof of rightness. An appropriate technique is also to suggest that thanks to the product or service, the client will be able to identify with a selected social group or that thanks to the proposed item, he will compensate for deficiencies in other areas of life. Of course, when communicating all this, we must be subtle and authentic because the customer likes to buy but does not like being sold!

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