Pandemic Effects: What Do You Need To Change In Your Strategy?

Pandemic Effects: What Do You Need To Change In Your Strategy?

At present, the fear of a second lockdown is not abandoning us. We’ve all heard warnings about the upcoming second wave of the virus this fall – and it’s just about to come. Business owners ask themselves: will it affect the state of the enterprise? Unfortunately, none of us know the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for it.

Simplify your strategy

A complete change of direction seems to be quite a misguided idea. After all, it means crossing out what you’ve already made and what you’ve achieved so far. But it is worth being prepared for any eventuality and simply simplifying your marketing strategy and focusing on using reliable data sources. Methods of measuring customer behavior are extremely important here. Make sure you can spot the changes quickly and optimize your media just as quickly.


This point is related to the above. With the help of quick Facebook A / B testing (the ad is presented in two versions, so you can find out which one is more effective) or multi-variant tests, you can assess the effects of modifications introduced, for example, in targeting recipients. Thanks to this, we are able to take into account the exact situation and adapt to it.

Remember about temporariness

In times of crisis, consumers react atypically, so marketers may observe new trends in research results. They reflect temporary changes in everyday life, such as a lockdown. Example? The increase in online sales in March and April was due to encouraging consumers to stay at home but did not necessarily mean that they would not return to brick-and-mortar shopping with the lifting of restrictions. If, on the contrary, you experienced a drop in sales, it may have meant that most of your customers had to cut back on their expenses at the time. Looking back, you can identify what to expect in the next fall difficulties – but be mindful of their temporary nature and the dynamics of the situation.

Nothing is universal

As we mentioned, different industries have observed different effects of the pandemic. What is the conclusion? That there is no universal strategy. It all depends on the target, region and, of course, the services we offer. Therefore, it is worth adjusting your methods of measuring results and modifying the campaign itself to individual goals, clients, and our conditions. Such comprehensive activities should make your marketing flexible and decision-making – efficient and adequate.

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