A / B testing Of Ads In Facebook Ads. Why Is It Worth Using Them?

A / B testing Of Ads In Facebook Ads. Why Is It Worth Using Them?

A / B testing is a great method that allows you to test which material is more often chosen by Internet users. Thanks to this, you can reduce the costs of the campaign and, what is more, communicate more effectively with our target group. In the text, we explain these applications in Facebook Ads and why they can help your business.

What are A / B tests?

This is one of the tools often chosen by marketers and digital people. This method examines which variant of the material – in this case, it is an advertising on Facebook – is more effective. Therefore, it generates two versions that differ visually or substantially from each other and then examines which, with the same financial expenditure and exactly the same targeting, has resulted in a greater effect, e.g. in the form of the number of visits to the website or the purchase of the premium version of a given product. . If you notice a significant difference with one of the variants, you can completely disable the option that is less efficient. Therefore, the name “A / B tests” refers to the choice between Option A and Option B that users see.

How should ads be different?

The smaller the difference, the more precisely it can be determined which element caused the increase and which acted negatively. It is difficult to find out what exactly made an internet user click on a link, leave a like, or purchase a product or service with large changes. Sometimes it is enough to change the place of the inscription, increase the price visible in the photo or replace the font. Many ads are eagerly clicked because, at first glance, there is a message that absorbs a lot of attention – a telephone for PLN 1 or FREE entrance to the cinema, etc. The longer a given brand tests which type of content is most profitable in their case, the easier it is to design new campaigns.

Why should you check Facebook Ads?

The more tests we do, the more we know what the client expects, what he is interested in and what he is willing to pay for. Over time, we will have a tactic developed, and it will be easier to create ads efficiently. It is also undoubtedly a financial saving because we do not invest money in things that “do not work” for the recipient. A / B tests on Facebook Ads are therefore a tool that is worth using, especially in those companies that invest large amounts in social media. Of course, the actual research is not enough. The key stage is evaluation, i.e. carrying out a thorough analysis of test results and drawing appropriate conclusions.

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