Advertising On YouTube – Is It Worth It?

Advertising On YouTube – Is It Worth It?

Advertising On YouTube: YouTube has been operating since 2005. Its community already has over a billion users who generate several million views of various content every day. All this means that the service range exceeds all TV stations.

Advertising on YouTube – text, graphic and display

Thanks to the huge variety of materials published on the most popular video portal, each marketing specialist can reach a wide target group. The platform allows you to use the basic types of promotions created in the AdWords panel or in the Ad Gallery. You can choose from video, text, graphic and display content. The last three are displayed in the same way as on any other page and may take the form of:

  • banners with two variants of dimensions: 300 × 250 pixels or 300 × 60 pixels,
  • text and image ads as overlays for the displayed video, also in two size variants: 468 × 60 pixels or 728 × 90 pixels,
  • Image ads – 480 × 70 pixels.

Advertising on YouTube – video

Taka can be configured as a short (up to 6 seconds) movie displayed in front of the selected file, which cannot be skipped. It is also possible to develop a longer advertisement, which the user can freely turn off after 5 seconds of its duration. The former type is called non-negligible advertising, the latter – negligible. Importantly, in the case of a promotion that the user can stop, the client pays only for the effective involvement of the recipient. This means that your bill will be charged when:

  • the ad will be watched until the end (in the case of such less than half a minute),
  • the user will watch 30 seconds of the advertisement (in the case of those longer than 30 seconds),
  • the user will interact with the displayed ad.

This means that it is possible to build the company’s brand even at a low cost, thanks to this form.

TrueView Discovery and Bumper Ads – more video ads

There are also other formats that can be used on YouTube. These are, in particular, the TrueView Discovery and Bumper Ads modules. The former appear in search results as well as on content playback pages and take a form similar to normal video. Bumper ads are an interesting form of promotion that can appear before, after or during the movie you’re watching. These are non-clickable positions, with a maximum length of 6 seconds.

Is it worth it?

We can confidently say yes. First of all, by using ads on YouTube, we have the opportunity to monitor its effectiveness and costs on an ongoing basis, thanks to such options as view rate, clicks to websites, conversion rate or subscriptions obtained. Secondly, thanks to the variety of content posted, we can easily reach children, youth, working people and seniors. Finally, it is possible to easily and effectively configure the target group depending on interests, gender, or location.

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