How To Recover Data From Phone That Won’t Turn On

How To Recover Data From Phone That Won’t Turn On


Recover Data From Phone: We all know that mobile is one of the means to store the data as it is a portable device and is accessible everywhere as and when required. Personally, I have come across a situation where my phone went off as it got damaged suddenly. This made me worried because my mobile holds a large volume of important data. Then, I started looking for the options to recover the data from the phone that won’t turn on? I also lost the pictures and would like to know how to get back my pictures too. At the end, I was able to retrieve the data successfully. How did I make it possible? You need to go through this post to learn how to recover data from a dead phone.


Nowadays, a smartphone is not just considered a device, but it’s everything. However, no matter how conscious we are, we are coming across instances where the mobiles are getting damaged, broken, etc. In simple terms, it is called a dead phone.

A dead phone can be either physically dead or damaged, could be because of a software issue as well. We might not be sure at the moment about what happened to the device, but we keep thinking about the data present within it. Then, we start looking for different options to retrieve the data stored in the devices as it is important for us.

Here is the guide coming up to help you understand the different causes that make your phone dead, along with the data recovery options to avoid data loss. Let’s talk about the analysis part first and then followed by the different methods to get the issues fixed.

Can You Get The Data Off The Phone That Won’t Turn On?

I can imagine your sudden reaction when your phone gets turned off. You might be thinking about why this has happened and begin to troubleshoot your phone to get that back to normal.

Let me give you a brief idea of the common causes as well as it could help you in analyzing and understanding the problem with it.

Battery Issues: 

Battery issues are one of the most common causes that would turn off the mobile unknowingly. It is also considered as one of the easy-fix constraints without cost investment to get back the phone to normal. The phone would get affected for two reasons concerning battery:

  1. When the battery is drained.
  2. When the battery is heated, swollen, or damaged.

Software related issues:

There will be some instances wherein the mobile gets frozen, does not allow it to do anything, and gets turned off. In some cases, there could be a possibility of an operating system crash that affects the phone. In some scenarios, the software issues can be fixed, however, some may not get fixed and might require a professional to get it resolved. 

Hardware related issues:

The hardware-related issues are considered difficult issues as they seem to be a bit hard to fix when compared to the other common causes. In this case, the phone might get clogged because of the dust and dirt around the corners that will interrupt the functionality of the phone. One other cause that would turn off your mobile has the broken power button. The broken power button will lead to a boot loop and make the mobile unusable.

Now that you have got an idea about the possible causes, you might have come to a conclusion if we can fix the data recovery issue. Hence, by using the different strategies and fixes, we can perform the data recovery.

How To Recover The Data From The Phone That Won’t Turn On?

Here are some of the simple methods that can be used to recover the data from the phone that is dead. Let’s take a look at them.

Method-1: Extract Files from SD Card Android

In our first method, we can make use of an SD card to extract the files on to a different device. This can be done in two different ways. Let us gain an understanding of each possible way. 

Way-1: Using SD Card Adapter

Step- 1: Let us consider that you are trying to transfer the data to your PC, the primary step is to have an SD card adapter. Arrange one for yourself before you begin the process.

Step-2: All you need to do is to insert the SD card into the adapter.

Step-3: Once done, you will need to insert the adapter card into the SD slot of the computer which will allow you to transfer the files in it.

Way-2: Using another friend’s or optional phone

Step-1: If you do not have an SD card adapter, you have another choice to use your friend’s mobile. For this, the primary step is to turn off his/her mobile

Step-2: Replace the SD with the one that is present on your friend’s mobile.

Step-3: Turn on the friend’s mobile and connect it to your desktop or laptop.

Step-4: You will need to either choose disk drive or storage device options so that it will allow you to access the SD card as the external hard drive. You can then access the folders and move the files onto the computer.

Method-2: Recover Data from Phone Backup

There is one possible way wherein you can backup the data using the Google account. As every device uses a google account, you can restore the data as and when required to any new device or same device which is easier. You are allowed to backup the phone manually at any point of time. However, the operation varies based on the brand of the phone. Below are the steps to be followed.

Step-1: Navigate to the settings application on your android mobile phone.

Step-2: Under Settings, click on advanced followed by the backup option.

Step-3: You will ensure that the backup to google drive option is enabled. The final step is to click on backup now which will then begin the backup process.

Try To Fix The Phone That Won’t Turn On Without Data Loss

Some simple solutions might help you resolve the problem. All you need to do is to ensure that your fix should not affect the data, which means that there should not be any data loss.

  1. If it is an issue with the battery, you can try charging the mobile, remove and insert the battery again, or replace it with a new battery.
  2. One other way is to do a soft reset. All you need to do is restart or turn off your mobile and turn it on back.

The Bottom Line

I know it would be frustrating when the phone gets dead, and you will need to focus on the fix. As discussed above, you might have now understood what are the possible causes when your phone won’t turn on and methods to recover the data when the issue happens.. I hope these solutions will help you out and make you happy!

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