Is Twitter Still Alive? – Advertising On Twitter

Is Twitter Still Alive? – Advertising On Twitter

Twitter is alive and well. He has avoided being completely cluttered in the shadow of such large portals like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, so it’s easier to break through. Twitter is a great place to effectively advertise specialized products as well as expensive or luxury brands.


The analysis of Twitter users shows that they are much more aware of the mechanisms of social media operation than those who do not have an account on this platform. Therefore, they are more resistant to standard advertising, but at the same time, they are interested in the Internet, media, and technology since they have wandered all the way to the bluebird.

The platform brings together people with the same interests in various places. Therefore, you can advertise a product or service directly to those who are actually interested in it without risking the reluctance of the rest of the platform’s users.

People who shop on Twitter are eager to buy online, but most of all, they do it consciously – thanks to which they are much less likely to cause problems, make returns or complaints. They usually spend significant amounts on a specific market segment – thanks to well-conducted advertising activities, you can reach people interested in the company’s segment.

Twitter users are strongly divided into specific social groups, which also involve specific expenses made in a certain way. An example would be a group of artists supporting specific ideologies – for example, natural products. You can also search for your target this way.

When you find a client, you get an ambassador. Twitter is a place where he shares everything, especially his last shopping experience. Even if the product does not fully meet the buyer’s expectations, it will be subject to complain. Why? To be recognized in your community that encouraged this purchase.

Information about Twitter

It currently has 336 million active users and has recorded a significant increase compared to last year. Between 18-29 years of age, there are 37% of users of the platform, and 30-49-year-olds constitute as much as 25%. The most interesting fact about Twitter users is the fact that 52% of them earn more than $ 50,000 annually, according to Omnicom data for 2018.

In conclusion, if you sell specialized products/services or have a more expensive brand, Luxury Twitter will be the best advertising platform for you.

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