Shopping Guide For Smartwatches And Bracelets That Will Help You Get In Shape This 2023

Shopping Guide For Smartwatches And Bracelets That Will Help You Get In Shape This 2023

With the arrival of 2023, many of us have set the goal of starting with training that allows us to be in shape, either with a specific sport or to stay active and on the move.

Suppose you are interested in meeting this objective this time. In that case, we have yet to give the task for your convenience to present one of the most spectacular sports tools, which will allow you to optimize and monitor your training and improve your physical performance.

In this line, we present the wearables, which can vary depending on your training type. If you want to know more about this topic, we have developed an easy buying guide to choose a kind of smartwatch or bracelet that suits your needs.

Classes of smartwatches and bracelets to get in shape this 2023

Given the various kinds of Wearable devices on the market, we can select intelligent watches and bracelets to meet our sports needs.

In this order, we will classify below the best instruments that are designed according to the type of sport to be performed, being these.


In this category, we find two types of equipment of different brands, which are.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 4C: If you are interested in doing a sport where you need to count your steps, this instrument is ideal for doing this job and having the opportunity to monitor your dreams, distance, calories burned and heart rate, and having more than three sports modes. In this way, this device is designed with a robust band and trotter, composed of a 078” LDC TFT touch screen, an energy system comprised of a battery with a duration time of 14 days, waterproof of one 50m. 


  • Fitbit Charge: It is presented as one of the most complete bracelets in the entire market and one of the most anticipated. Its format system is comprised of a simple interface, GPS and an integrated GLONASS. This device can offer you information on the pace of the walk-in in real-time on the distance covered, and it can measure various levels thanks to its electrocardiogram, spO2, and daily recovery, among others. 


If you plan to do sports that require a lot of running or practice in the classic style, we recommend the following devices.

  • Polar M430: Unlike the other instruments mentioned, this device includes an old-school GPS to facilitate movement and running routes. Its functions include pace, altitude, route distance, and pulse data. Its power system lasts for 8 hours of batteries, in addition to being waterproof, and has a type of screen comprised of 128 X 128 pixels. 
  • Garmin Forerunner 45: it is another of the candidates to carry out this type of training, being classified as a high-end device that allows an excellent balance between pressure and simplicity. In relation to its functions, it can show specific plans regarding races from 5k to half marathon, as well as assistance and accident detection, offering GPS included for these cases. With a power system that works with an anatomy of 13 hours.

Mountain Sports

If you are considering starting a tour of the mountains or are passionate about hiking, we recommend the following devices.

  • Polar Grit X Pro: renowned sports watch with a GPS system, is characterized by its robust design and military certificate. It is one of the best devices for mountain sports due to its resistance to forceful blows, so it can be found unharmed even after an altercation with rocks. Its functions offer us a Trackback, making it possible to save the starting point; because of it, we will get lost along the way. Likewise, it can withstand water pressure of 100 m and extreme temperatures, being perfect for use in unfavourable climates and providing a range of more than 30 hours with active GPS. 
  • The Suunto 9 Baro: It is currently one of the most popular models, especially for those passionate about hiking and riding, since this device is highly attractive due to its autonomy of more than 100 hours with active GPS. In addition to presenting more than 70 different modes, shockproof visualization of a detailed map where a point of interest is established. On the other hand, it is an excellent combination between a barometer and an altimeter. 


If you are passionate about water sports, then we will recommend one of the best smartwatches, this being

  • Huawei Bans 6: It is recognized for being one of the perfect models for casual athletes, but it has great excellence as a smart bracelet in swimming sports. Being that this type of equipment has a water resistance of 5 ATM, autonomy of up to 2 weeks, in addition to being able to identify various movements and styles executed in the water, such as a shovel, breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly, in addition to having the option of customizing the data you want to check, be it calories, distance, interval, and duration. 

In conclusion

Within the line of smartwatches, we can find another band that meets other sports modes, whether for Gym or multisports. Therefore, we recommend that you identify your needs in order to acquire the perfect type of bracelet according to your requirements.

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