The Benefits Of Lead Generation

The Benefits Of Lead Generation

Integrating your marketing plan with a good lead-generation campaign is important.

Lead Generation is typically portrayed as an “ambiguous” channel that continuously spams users’ inboxes, throwing little light on the brand’s public image.

To dispel the myth, Lead Generation is the Generation of leads (leads) to potential customers, intending to generate their interest in a particular product of a particular brand.

The idea is to get contacts, collect useful information about them for subsequent remarketing, and convert them into customers. But it is not spam, far from it: real dialogue is opened with a targeted audience in a dimension that other channels cannot reach.

What are the benefits of lead generation?

Usually, a marketing plan includes a mix of media channels that have the ultimate purpose of bringing the customer to purchase. While large sums are spent on branding, on the other hand, the direct response is optimized to maximize conversion. Lead Generation bridges both, drawing customers directly into the sales process. They may already be familiar with a certain brand, but they may not be ready to buy yet. The goal is to “make them ready.”

What is needed is a good nurturing and conversion plan.

Because it is not enough to have a long list of ” hot leads “if you do not have a program to cultivate them.

It is essential to use the data obtained with Lead Generation and combine it with good consumer relationship management, speaking to an audience that has already shown interest in your product. In this way, a solid relationship will be created with customers who are more easily ” convertible ” and more inclined to become ” long-term customers “precisely by virtue of the relationship cultivated.

What is the key?

Even before the staff’s skill, the key to a successful lead generation campaign can only be the landing page. Literally ” landing page “is the page towards which readers (and potential customers) are directed to achieve a specific goal: to convert.

Because it is not enough to have a long list of ” hot leads “if you do not have a program to cultivate them.

How to create a successful landing page?

Well, yes, the dress makes the monk, and a landing page must be “dressed” in a certain way so that the “landing” is successful. The communication rules are few but essential:

  1. Grab attention immediately ;
  2. A good selection of communicative images, preferring those depicting people and taking advantage of the gaze vector; 3. Explain well ” who you are ” and ” what you can do for him “; 4. A small immediate form or button at the top of the page that leads directly to the call to action, facilitating the conversion process; 5. Content is longer if the target is female and shorter if it is male; 6. Always give the “you” for more direct communication; 7. Enter positive reviews, to convince customers and build certain credibility;
  3. Optimize the form both at a textual and spatial organization level.

In short, the tools available are remarkable, but it is not easy to give the touch of King Midas to a landing page, nor to a Lead Generation campaign, without clear ideas and objectives. All you need before entering this area of ​​web marketing and communication is to arm yourself with awareness, determination, and foresight.

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