What Is Brand Positioning, And What Are The Most Successful Examples

What Is Brand Positioning, And What Are The Most Successful Examples

Brand Positioning allows you to improve your sales. Here are some successful examples to draw inspiration from.

Brand Positioning, literally “brand positioning, “is a marketing strategy that consists in positioning the brand or company within the identified market. This is how the Marketing Glossary defines it: “a process which, starting from the classification of existing brands on the market according to characteristics that are significant for consumer behavior, allows us to define the position they occupy in the minds of consumers.”

Basically, a brand’s positioning is the role it occupies in the mind of consumers compared to competitors. But how is Brand Positioning done, and which are the companies to be inspired by? Let’s find out together.

What is it, and how to do Brand Positioning

Consumers, more or less consciously, assign a position to each brand in a particular sector. And it is this position that they take into account when making a purchase. Therefore, for a company, it becomes essential to work in the round: on its image, on products/services, on communication, on social interaction, and on the website.

How to do Brand Positioning? It all starts with an analysis aimed at defining the main characteristics of the product and the strengths on which to focus. Subsequently, we go to identify which slice of the market may be interested in this product, and we work on several fronts to achieve it: with Google AdWords, with social networks, with your site, and with all the online and offline communication material that is considered appropriate to realize. It is also important to analyze the competition, to understand how to differentiate yourself: if your product/service is perceived as better and/or different, it will assume a prominent position in the consumer’s mind.

Everything revolves around the concept of uniqueness: many products that are all the same end up sharing a small slice of the market. In order to stand out, it is necessary to work on multiple aspects: the payoff connected to the logo, the corporate mission and vision, and the way in which one speaks to the public.

Can the advantages of Brand Positioning, therefore, be summarized as follows?

  • differentiation of your brand
  • justification of the pricing strategy
  • strategically highlighting the strengths of the brand
  • testimony of the competence, professionalism, and creativity of the company

Examples of Brand Positioning

Before fine-tuning your positioning strategy, you can look at successful examples of Brand Positioning to inspire you.

Red Bull

Red Bull came up with the concept of “energy drink”: it identified that need in consumers and created a product capable of satisfying it. When one thinks of an energy drink now, one thinks precisely of Red Bull: for its colors printed in the minds of users, for its slogan (“The energy drink that gives you wings”), for events and sports competitions that it organizes, for the blue and gray cars with the maxi can on the roof.


At the top of its segment, Coca-Cola has been on the market for 125 years. And it has always been at the top of consumer preferences. The credit goes to his “dreamy” communication, his bond with Santa Claus, and the famous slogans, such as “Coke Side of Life” and “Open Happiness.” In addition to the aura of mystery that the secret recipe brings with it.


McDonald’s positioning strategy (present in 117 countries) is based on four complementary concepts: segmentation of the market niche, experimentation, adaptation, and innovation. The reason? Each country has its own characteristics, its food traditions, and its particularities. For this reason, McDonald’s is the best-known fast food: because it has been able to study every single market to satisfy its personal needs.


Tesla is the best known among electric cars. This is because since his arrival on the market Elon Musk and his team have focused on innovation, exclusivity, and extremely high performance. Musk’s genius then did the rest.

Thanks to an effective Brand Positioning strategy, it is possible to scale consumer preferences and become a leader in your sector. Because if it is true that budgets for effective communication cannot be too low, it is equally true that creativity and professionalism can lead to success, especially by focusing on emotional marketing. Without neglecting the human side: an open attitude towards users and customers, and the willingness to resolve their doubts and answer their questions, is essential for your company to be perceived as reliable and therefore worthy of a purchase.

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