Thermal Technology: Beyond Safety To Think Ahead

Thermal Technology: Beyond Safety To Think Ahead

Thermal Technology, Knowing the market, listening to its needs, and knowing how to respond with promptness, competence, and capillarity: are the guidelines that, more than ever, must characterize the strategies of those who intend to operate successfully in a market that changes day by day and that has seen, in this delicate phase, putting thermal technology at the center, in Italy and beyond. In fact, thermographic cameras are at the center of the debate: they are seen in supermarkets, in the hands of police officers, in airports, but also in hospitals, schools, factories, and in general, in all high-density environments or where gatherings or streams of people are on the move. Fixed or portable, these chambers can perform a rapid and reliable screening of the skin surface temperature without the need for contact with the operator. And they are becoming tools of massive use, with which citizenship begins to coexist. But what will happen when – hopefully as soon as possible – the health emergency ceases?

In emergencies, the security sector was the technological protagonist of the response strategies: artificial intelligence, thermal technology, and access control showed a new “health” face, bringing the concept of security to a collective level, visible in everyday life and capable of showing its added value tangibly and concretely. Now the question is: when will the thermoscanner curve run out? Will our sector continue to be the protagonist and trendsetter of a security that has changed its face and applications? Will we be able to capitalize on this sentiment and develop and argue the value our technologies can add to identify a trivial influence (which, however, has a not insignificant corporate and social cost)? In essence, will it be possible to give a new stigma to the culture of prevention? And will we know, if necessary, to look even further?

Investment vs. cost

The first aspect of being able to look in a perspective that overcomes the emergency is to be able to guarantee to the client that the investments made are future-proof and do not represent mere costs aimed at adapting to the moment. To safeguard the investment, it is essential to ensure technological and application flexibility, such as to guarantee a simple and fluid adaptation to the possible phases (of tightening or, as we all hope, of a gradual return to normality) that may intervene over time. With this approach, the priority to be met – today and in a difficult future – is to ensure fluid access with the detection of the temperature and the possible presence of PPE in several types of scenarios: high, medium, or low turnout.

Non-solo security

But why not go further, looking with the same competence and technological focus on other application segments of thermal sensors, such as industrial automation, inspection thermography, and the outdoor sector (1)? The devices for inspection thermography can, in fact, identify anomalies and possible causes of failure or damage early, but also predict the duration of components or the definition of maintenance times, as well as verify and certify energy certifications. From the nautical and aeronautical sector to the control of process temperatures, from construction to data centers: the inspection thermography is able to detect even minimal thermal differences that may be the cause or evidence of leaks (infiltrations, overheating, fires, leaks, etc.). A market that therefore moves on multiple operational levels and offers multiple development possibilities. 

Let’s go out into the open.

But there are also other operational areas, certainly “eccentric” with respect to the focus on safety but to which it is still worthwhile to turn with a thermal technology that has multiple application advantages: I am thinking of thermal viewers, monoculars, binoculars, and infrared telescopes for rifles for military use, hunting or even recreational and scientific activities such as bird watching: thermography is not affected by darkness or fog, maintaining visibility and sharpness in any environmental condition. 

The versatility of thermal sensors offers them, in short, a technology with a wide application spectrum that allows you to look at safety in all its facets and beyond. 

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