TikTok – Indicators Worth Following

TikTok – Indicators Worth Following

TikTok was an absolute hit last year: in April 2020, it was used by two billion users. Where did it all come from? First of all, the application instantly hit the tastes of younger people. She turned the neighbors across the street or the colleagues from the bench into real community stars who create comedy or even educational recordings – by posting information on the platform in small doses. You could say it’s YouTube, with only a few seconds of content.

For this reason, many brands have created their profiles on TikTok, thanks to which they go directly to their audience. The majority of users are between the ages of 18-30, and they make up the most active community of any social media. Therefore, it is the best space for influencer marketing – a form of advertising that is highly trusted and has a high ROI.

However, before you decide to invest any money in it, learn some of the analytical data that you need to track to ensure the high effectiveness of your campaign on this unique platform.

The number of videos posted.

This metric shows how many recordings have been posted in a specific time period. This is obviously the basic indicator, but on TikTok, it is extremely important. The amount of content we post directly translates into the engagement of our audience, especially when we create very specialized videos. Over time, it will be possible to check whether we are gaining new followers on a regular basis. A positive indicator means that our account is constantly growing.

This data is crucial when it comes to selecting influencers for our campaign. After all, we’d like to work with active people who are constantly gaining fans, not just those who haven’t been around for a long time.

Average engagement by posts

This statistic is of great importance. This is what shows if our campaign is working; in addition, we have the ability to carefully analyze which posts get the most response and which just don’t work. The engagement indicator shows valuable interactions, i.e., likes, comments, shares. The more, the better!

Over time, you’ll be able to pinpoint what content attracts the most people. You will be able to use the data to analyze your activities and campaigns. And yet more users means more customers who will pay for your offer.

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