The Most Annoying Ads And How To Avoid Them

The Most Annoying Ads And How To Avoid Them

Ads, Research by Edelman found that three out of four users avoid advertising. As many as 47% admitted that they changed their way of navigating the Internet in order to see fewer ads and the rest use applications that block all advertising content.

It is worth asking yourself – why?

Many of us hate repeated, boring ads. When we play any video on YouTube, sometimes we end up seeing the same video advertising some chips or service for several weeks – and our annoyance grows each time. Especially when we are not interested in a given product, unfortunately, this phenomenon negatively impacts the brand’s perception. Due to the nervousness associated with the advertisement, we began to perceive the entire company negatively.

But there has to be a way to create content that doesn’t harm and even works positively. But first, let’s discuss the ad that users hate the most.

Enemy number one: pop-up windows

It is about the so-called pop-ups (pop up). They attack us when we enter the website. Before we even read the first sentence, this aggressive animal jumps at us and covers the entire screen with its huge dimensions. Usually, it tries to inform you about a newsletter or a 5% discount. Once we find the cross to close the window, another, a bit smaller, immediately appears, which most often takes up the entire bottom bar, and screams something about the promotion.

While such a strategy may seem good from a marketing point of view, pop-up windows interfere with your browsing experience and make it difficult to navigate. The result is that by the time a user gets to know a brand’s offer, they are so annoyed that they just leave the site.

Will he ever come back? There is no need to delude ourselves – he will not come back. In this way, we lose website traffic and lower revenue. If you noticed something similar on your website, check how many pop-ups appear when you visit it.

The wolf is complete, and the sheep are whole.

So how to deal with such a phenomenon? Can pop-up windows be used at all? Of course, you can – but common sense is the most important. Ads should not be noticeable because they hang right in the center of the screen but because they catch the eye with their content.

Try to limit the number of windows on your website. Remember that it must be primarily functional, and then “advertising.” Make sure you attract the user with your content, and the user will stay with you for longer.

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