Types Of Keywords – Types Of Keywords

Types Of Keywords – Types Of Keywords

Keywords may be one of the words we repeat the most when we talk about SEO or web positioning. They are the first starting point to start with any strategy that aims to get more traffic and customers on any website. Correctly identifying these keywords is essential to reach your audience and generate a greater number of leads.

Although we work with them daily, do you know what types of keywords exist and how they are classified? Let’s start with the most basic definition. international seo services goes hand-in-hand with content creation, ensuring that every piece of content is not just informative but also optimized for search engine ranking.

What are keywords used for?

Keywords or keywords in Spanish are the words or set of them that users use to find what they want in the main search engines. They serve as a link between what people are looking for and the content offered within a web page.

The main objective of keywords is to generate qualified organic traffic to a website from the search engine results (SERP). Therefore, choosing the keywords correctly in an SEO strategy will allow us to give the search engine ideas about our content and reach our target audience.

What is search intent?

The most used way to classify keywords is based on the users’ search intention.
Search intention refers to the expectations that a user has at the time of writing and consulting a term in a search engine. It is summarized in what the user wants to find when performing the search.
Search engines like Google seek to interpret this intention very well in order to offer an adequate positioning ranking that guarantees a good user experience.

Types of keywords

Depending on the search intention of the users, the keywords can be classified as follows:
Informative keywords

These types of keywords are used by users who are looking for some type of information at a specific time.

The user does not reveal clear intentions to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. He also has no intention of taking any action. He only seeks to satisfy information needs around a specific topic. For example:

What is a solar eclipse?

Navigation Keywords

In this type of keywords, the user wants to find a website with clear intentions of reviewing and browsing it.

The user’s subsequent intention is not clear, but their need to find a specific website is clear. For example:


Transactional keywords

On this occasion, the user shows their intention to carry out an online transaction or acquire a certain service through the Internet. These types of keywords are very interesting and well valued in the SEO and SEM sector, as they segment an audience with a high probability of becoming customers of your business.

Generally, in a certain niche, fewer people access the search engine with a clear purchase intention. However, getting a website positioned for this type of keywords is very profitable and generates a quick return on investment. For example:

buy Nike sneakers

Keywords commercial information

These are keywords whose purpose is to request information before making a purchase. These keywords are located between an informational keyword and a transactional one.

These are questions that the user needs to answer before making the final purchase decision. For example:

How much does an SEO strategy cost for my website?

Local keywords (local SEO)

The keywords described above can also be accompanied by a word that shows that the user is interested in a specific province or town.

A search can be transactional, informational, or commercial information, but it can also be marked by the geographical factor. For example:

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in USA

To carry out a successful SEO campaign, you need to create content adapted to the type of keyword you want to position, a good user experience on the website and the well-known Core Web Vitals. If you want to know more about the keywords that your project should work on with greater intensity or have a good SEO agency that can help you scale your business, contact us.

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