Spy On Your Location: How To Stop Your Smartphone From Tracking You

Spy On Your Location: How To Stop Your Smartphone From Tracking You

As we know, in our current world, we are hyperconnected, making it difficult to safeguard our privacy. The smartphone has endless virtues, although many of them can turn against us. The truth is that it is also dedicated to spy on your location and selling that data to third parties. Next, we are going to show you some tricks to prevent this, both for Android and iOS.

When we browse the Internet through our smartphones, we share a large amount of personal data, which we are often unaware of. This sensitive data is of great value to big technology companies like Google. Our location is one of these data we continually share without knowing it. By accessing the settings of our phone and making a few small modifications, we can avoid being so exposed.

Spy location on Android, deactivation

Your Android mobile, whether while you browse the Internet or through the applications you have installed, is following your movements. To deactivate it, you need to go to “Settings” in the list of options and go to where it says “Location” or “Location access”. Once inside this option, Location appears, with the applications that have this permission and can access the device’s location.

On the one hand, there is a list of those that are always allowed; on the other hand, there is a list of those who are active while using the app. It would be best always to consider whether you are interested in deactivating those allowed. To do so, you must select the application and check the “Deny” option. You will get a notice that there are options that will stop working, and you will have to accept.

Once you deny the application access to your location, it can no longer track you and will not save your location data. It will stop storing the information of the sites you go to, blocking their ability to spy on your location. However, the previous activity is not deleted by this.

To completely eliminate the trace of all your previous activity that Google has stored, you must do the following: open the Google Maps application and go to the menu in the upper right area (where your profile icon appears). In the list, access “Your timeline”, then click on the three vertical dots in the upper right area and go to “Settings and privacy”. In this section, the option “Delete all location history” appears.

Spy on your location on iOS, deactivation

In this sense, having an iPhone does not make our location data any safer than Android’s. Applications store location data as well. So that they do not have access to our location, we have to go from our terminal to “Settings” and select “Privacy”. Next, we go to “Location”; once you deactivate it, no application will have access to your location. To limit access to a specific app, you can choose between the options that allow you to “When using the app, “Never”, or “Ask next time”.

To completely delete all location history, you need to go to “Settings”, “Privacy”, “location”, “System Services”, and “important places”. This is where it allows you to “Clear history”. If you click and accept this option, you will immediately delete all the locations that have been stored on your mobile.

Through these settings that you can easily find on both your Android and iOS terminal, you will be able to completely eliminate all the locations that, for example, Google has collected about you. This is the best way to deactivate the Location Spy option that comes by default in many apps. This way, you can have control of who you want to store your location data and who doesn’t.

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