3D Posts on Facebook – How To Use Them?

3D Posts on Facebook – How To Use Them?

Recently, every brand and every user can create 3D posts on Facebook in the ITF 2.0 standard. There is also an additional place where you can publish the created objects. This is a special VR platform called Facebook Spaces. The new type of posting is Mark Zuckerberg’s first fulfilled promise to increase the presence of VR technology on Facebook. However, we can be sure that this is not the last step in this direction. How to create three-dimensional objects and how to use them?

3D post on Facebook – technical page

Facebook supports a specific standard for three-dimensional designs – ITF 2.0., Which allows you to customize light and texture. However, its biggest advantage is realistic rendering. 3D posts on Facebook are supported by the new Graph API, which, once implemented by developers, allows you to easily create and publish 3D content from external applications such as Sony’s 3D Creator App.

Unfortunately, the new feature takes time, but we assure you it’s worth it! The main problem is that the Facebook-supported format is unpopular, and we will find its solution on the Internet. There are already applications that allow you to convert files to gITF 2.0.

How to easily create a compelling post?

  • First, the project

Visualize your vision with special 3D tools. At your disposal are:

  • Paint 3D
  • Blender
  • Vectary (online)
  • and many others
  • Project export

The next step will be to export a maximum of 3 MB of the project in * .glb format. This is one of the versions of gITF 2.0.

  • Posting on Facebook

You just start creating a new post instead of dragging a picture – use a design. Unfortunately, you can’t add it from a folder – you have to drag it. That would be it. You did it!

Why should you use 3D Posts?

  1. According to the portal’s creators, this is a function aimed at bringing users closer to each other. We are able to agree with that. Mainly because everything new is more interesting – it naturally attracts users.
  2. There is also a more measurable reason to use this option: As a novelty, 3D posts are additionally promoted by the portal, so now is the best time to start publishing them.
  3. It is good to implement this technology because the next step announced by Mark Zuckerberg concerns Facebook Spaces and assumes the possibility of creating a virtual version of himself. It’s always easier to systematically move forward than having to jump from a 2D world to virtual reality.

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