Ethical Hacking: Security Services To Test The Infrastructure

Ethical Hacking: Security Services To Test The Infrastructure

Attacks on IT systems are growing exponentially, and one of the major critical issues that every company should worry about is not being aware of the potential exposure to security threats

Every day it becomes more important to adopt behaviors, actions, and measures capable of protecting and safeguarding corporate assets to avoid the success of attacks that would undermine the company’s credibility, as well as requiring significant investments in terms of time and money.

The Ethical Hacking services offered by NETMIND

The Ethical Hacking services, such as Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests, proposed by NETMIND in collaboration with an important certified partner, aim to be an effective solution to respond to the need to protect the company by testing the security level of the infrastructure and attempting to break it, just like a hacker would do

In fact, to identify any critical issues, our security consultants use the same advanced techniques adopted by an attacker to break into a protected system, performing simulations of actual attacks on strategic and sensitive areas of the company.

Vulnerability Assessment

The service offers advanced analysis of the infrastructure, with the aim of providing a clear and detailed view of the vulnerabilities present in systems and services, calculating the level of impact, assessing the risk related to the business, and suggesting corrective actions.

Vulnerability Assessment + Penetration Test

Misconfigured equipment, default application configurations, or an outdated system could be an entry point into the infrastructure. The VA+PT activity consists of the implementation of complex attack scenarios and, in addition to what is inspected with the VA, non-public vulnerabilities are also verified and tested (potentially present in the case of software developed ad hoc and/or not widely used). The PT activity is an extension of the VA, and, starting from the vulnerabilities that have emerged, it verifies the actual impact by trying to penetrate the target system.

Web Application Penetration Test

The activity, with a specific focus on web technologies, allows revealing and, therefore, correcting security problems related both to the technologies used (programming language, operating system, database server, …) and to the application logic designed to guide the user in the use of the application or website.

Wireless Penetration Test

The wi-fi network has now become a highly critical element in the company and represents a preferential attack vector. This ethical hacking service allows you to evaluate the security level of access to the wireless network, carrying out tests both from outside and from within the company perimeter. Possible vulnerabilities related to the algorithm and the access key used, to the access points and their configuration, are analyzed and exploited.

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