Facebook: From Canvas To Instant Experience

Facebook: From Canvas To Instant Experience

Once upon a time, there were canvases

With its launch in 2016 of the Canvas, Facebook declared its mobile-first; today, with Instant Experiences, Zuckerberg’s social network seems to be transformed into a mobile-only platform.

Having become a very interesting format for mobile ads since their debut, the Canvases offered the possibility of creating real stories in which the user immersed himself and with which he could interact.

The big difference with traditional – and always valid – ad campaigns is all in the experience entirely built around the user.

From Canvas to Instant Experience: what changes?

A few days ago, Facebook announced with a blog post the introduction of new features and a new name: the Canvases are transformed into Instant Experiences so as to “better reflect what this advertising solution offers to people,” a real experience immediate.

In addition to the name, Facebook has introduced new features to allow companies to test any lens.

An example? The Instant Customer Acquisition has clearly visible calls to action to guide the user to action, or the Instant Form allows you to acquire data while remaining within the instant experience.

Marketing today is no longer a question of what you can produce but what stories you can tell.

New pixel features

The most interesting aspect of the Instant Experience is the possibility of inserting multiple tracking systems. In addition to the Facebook Pixel, advertisers will be able to configure different tracking codes, including that of Google Analytics.

This significant change will allow us to analyze user behavior within the platform, find out how much creativity involves our audience, and, above all, make retargeting more precise and effective.

What are the advantages of business strategies?

Facebook is transforming: from a social network that tends to be “closed” and jealous of its data, Zuckerberg’s platform is ready to interact ” to track engagement and compare the performance of Instant Experiences with other campaigns using multiple analysis tools. “

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