How Can Brand Owners Unlock The Enthusiasm Of Post-90s/00 Audiences?

How Can Brand Owners Unlock The Enthusiasm Of Post-90s/00 Audiences?

How can we resonate with the audience after 90/00? How should mainstream companies and start-ups use cutting-edge technologies to build brands that resonate with them? Jadali, founder and CEO of Ascend Agency, shared his strategy of using data and machine learning.

Although relevant research has not stopped, experts do not know how to attract the attention of young people born after 90/00. However, there is also a lot of evidence to prove that marketing strategies based on machine learning are more effective for the next generation.

In any case, marketers are well aware of the reality: After 90/00, customers have unparalleled enthusiasm for closing regular advertisements and pop-ups, and they have strong immunity and even resistance to challenging, broad and obvious marketing content.

These customers have indeed brought tremendous pressure and challenges to marketers, but Jonathan Jadali, founder and CEO of Ascend Agency, has his own way of understanding and is also using facts to prove that they are capable in the new round of marketing battles. Won a brilliant record.

So, how can it resonate among the post-90/00 audience? How should mainstream companies and start-ups use cutting-edge technologies to build brands that resonate with them?

Jadali shared his practical experience of using data and machine learning strategies to help many customers go from obscurity to dominating the post-90s/00s market.

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AI Training Is Often Complicated And Chaotic.

“Content is king” is true, but inappropriate content can ruin everything.

In order for start-ups to move in the right direction, Jonathan has been working hard to guide clients to create the correct type of content for the right target audience.

Traditionally, most brands have focused on publishing carefully planned video and image content to increase their exposure and attractiveness on social media platforms. But Jadali suggested that if the company’s target audience is mainly post-90/00, this approach may not be reliable.

Typical post-90s/00 customers prefer the natural and non-mandatory content. Jadali concluded, “Customers after 90/00 prefer to be more authentic… They want to read from the bottom of their hearts but are more disgusted with pure marketing expressions.

For example, it’s better to present a messy dressing table in an advertisement for a makeup brand, rather than a posing environment that looks exquisite but also fake.

So no matter which machine learning tool you actually use, please keep in mind the premise of “real”. In chatbots and during data-driven marketing activities, the system must understand the essence of the concept of “imperfection”.

There will always be some too “mechanical” elements when using AI or machine learning technology for marketing. Therefore, the post-90/00 generation may be able to provide us with help, helping us gradually build situational AI-that is a machine that can more accurately predict and reflect human behavior.

After 90/00, I hope to see the chaos and process consistent with real life in the promotional materials. Who can do this? Who can establish a more grounded brand image in their minds?

Don’t Sell Products Directly.

How does the product look? How’s the effect? Are customers satisfied with the service experience? These are important issues in traditional marketing work, but customers after 90/00 don’t seem to care about it.

According to the experience summarized by Jadali, “In the past, customers paid more attention to efficient products and delivery services, but for the post-90s/00 audience, marketing work must be carried out in a completely different form.”

In the three years since its establishment, Jadali has cooperated with a number of Fortune 500 companies and small start-up companies and has deeply experienced the persistence of the belief of “following the feeling” of post-90s/00 customers.

This is a good scenario where machine learning comes into play. By understanding customers’ emotional tendencies and habits, we can truly understand what is truly a good product in their minds.

These young people don’t want to hear how great and complete your product is. After all, every company is talking about it forever. In Jadali’s words, “The product should be sold for the experience, not the product itself. A good product will speak for itself.

According to data released by Mention, 25% of a successful transaction comes from the product itself, while the other 75% comes from the intangible feelings attached to the product.

The employees of Ascend Agency always ask such a question- what kind of feeling do you want to evoke in the hearts of the audience through the product? Only by answering this question can customers unify the product style and delivery method and truly establish attractiveness in the post-90s/00s group.

The answer to this question is inseparable from a comprehensive summary of customer data. The data conclusions can help us better understand what resonance the post-90s/00s generation has gained from our current favourite brands.

Red Bull is a typical brand case that can be analyzed through data and machine learning. Their promotional videos always involve various high-risk sports, such as skydiving, bungee jumping and so on. Judging from the customer data analysis provided by the predictive analysis and machine learning system, Red Bull has indeed evoked a sense of courage and strength among the audience.

The sooner you find the answer to this question, the sooner the brand can get the attention of the post-90/00 audience. And machine learning can undoubtedly help us get answers faster and more accurately.

AI, a Helper Who Seeks And Creates Resonance With The Audience

Here is a piece of cold knowledge. As long as the number of followers of influencers exceeds 100,000, the resonance of each user will drop sharply. Because of this magnitude, the interaction between the follower and the followed person will become extremely weak, resulting in a serious sense of distance.

It is precisely because of this that the post-90s/00s who are resident on social media can use their own banknotes to make Internet celebrity marketing go from “sprout” to “sunshine” in just 6 years.

For this generation, the most important thing is to get a response to their opinions and voices. Because of this, customers after 90/00 prefer to understand the actual effect of the brand through online interaction.

Jadali said, “For such needs, brands should first publicly reply on social media and then further communicate through private messages. For every comment, companies should reply seriously and express gratitude. Please remember to call them directly Names in private messages and exchange opinions with them smoothly and naturally.”

However, it is conceivable that such a one-by-one interaction capability is costly and challenging to achieve.

The good news is that machine learning is helping brands to go beyond rigid and formatted auto-replies. With the rapid development and gradual maturity of the technology itself, the future machine learning model can fully interact with hundreds of thousands of customers simultaneously in a very personal way.

The ability of influencers with low popularity to stimulate participation has increased by 60%, the average weekly customer conversion rate has increased by 22.2%, and the implementation cost has been far lower than expected. The secret here is that they can directly interact with their followers instead of being as overwhelming and inaccessible as the top-flow internet celebrities.

Soon, machine learning will realize this large-scale and personalized participation experience, helping more small and medium-sized enterprises and brands to truly interact with customers instead of spending a few hours in the past to respond one by one.

Jadali explained, “Customers born after 90/00 are susceptible, direct and talented. The essence of dealing with them is not technology but art. Any company has the hope to master, use, and exert the wonderful effects of this art. .”

Conversely, the post-90s/00 generation’s real needs will also help promote the personalized construction of machine learning and continuously improve the response results made by machines. Perhaps with the joint efforts of both parties, the contextual AI that truly fits marketing and online content creation will be in the near future.

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