Is AI The Solution To The Hiring Problem That Companies Have?

Is AI The Solution To The Hiring Problem That Companies Have?

In the United States, as the economy hit by the new coronavirus epidemic is recovering, urgent recruitment has become a major issue for companies. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used there. In fact, many companies are already using AI technology without knowing it. That’s because AI has been introduced to major job sites.

Sakushi Jain, engineering manager in Linked-in’s “Responsible AI” division, said, “When you search for a specific job title, for example,’ Job Manager’, Linked-in engine is not just for that job title, but also for time management and team collaboration. , Look for people with related skills such as risk assessment. ” “This gives hiring more than just people who actually have the exact same job title or role,” he said.

One of the important capabilities of AI technology is to read complex patterns from vast amounts of data. In a way, this is a reproduction of the recruiter’s abilities and is very important in finding candidates who are not actively looking for a job now.

“In our recent findings, we’ve been able to reach out to candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job,” said Hari Column, CEO of recruitment services firm Fandom. 74% of hiring managers said they had increased over the year. “

“AI technology greatly accelerates the passive recruitment process. With these recruitments, it can take 10 hours or more to find a candidate for a single position. Passive candidates typically go to a job/career site. I don’t use it, and many people only post fragmentary information on LinkedIn and other profiles. AI can index and extract information from hundreds of sources. ” It can also be used for combined “personalization”, which can be a good way to give a good first impression to a candidate.

HackerRank, CEO of HackerRank, a developer recruitment support service that uses AI, said, “It’s incredibly non-existent, such as setting interview dates and sending follow-up emails to candidates. There are many efficient hiring workflows now. “

“AI technology can save valuable time by automating scheduling and email follow-up, and solve the big pain of the coordination exchanges between candidates and recruiters,” he said.

However, the use of AI technology is not without risks. The inherent bias in the data used can lead to unfair and discriminatory consequences.

Ingrid Burton, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Quantcast, an AI-powered advertising service, said AI HR software used old data about previously hired talent as an example of a problem that the algorithm could cause. The case to use is mentioned.

“Such as software engineers, conventional man is especially true in was a mainstream role. This adoption algorithm to arbitrary, there is a fear that dropped in the examination for the majority of the people of women and minorities”

to prevent this Need to ensure the governance and accountability of the AI ​​model. It also requires human involvement at an important stage of the review.

“It’s definitely not possible to introduce an AI process and just turn it on automatically,” said Ian Cook, vice president of human resources analysis service provider Visier. “You don’t have to see every interaction or process that AI performs, but you need to constantly review the outcomes of the steps that AI performs and make sure they meet your expectations. Any AI process. Always need confirmation/update/retraining when doing it. “

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