What Is IoT? Easy to Understand And Easy Explanation Of The Meaning And Mechanism!

What Is IoT? Easy to Understand And Easy Explanation Of The Meaning And Mechanism!

The IoT is the “Internet of Things.” It is an advanced technology that has been rapidly put into practical use in recent years, such as smart speakers, smart homes, and self-driving cars. In promoting digital transformation, which is currently attracting attention, is one of the important factors along with AI and big data.

However, even if you know the word “IoT”, there are surprisingly few people who can understand its meaning and mechanism correctly. 

What Is IoT? Review The Meaning Of Words

First, let’s review the meaning of IoT

What can we do with the use of IoT? Before we know the potential of IoT in the future, let’s first understand the meaning of the words IoT correctly.

Meaning Of IoT

IoT is an abbreviation for “Internet of Things” and is translated as “Internet of Things”.

Until about 20 years ago, the Internet was connected from a personal computer at home or at work, but with the rapid development of digital technology and communication technology, it is possible to connect to the Internet from mobile terminals such as mobile phones (smartphones) and tablets. became.

Now that society is becoming more digital, IoT, a technology that connects “things” such as home appliances and automobiles to the Internet, is attracting attention.

Even before the word IoT became widespread, there was a method of connecting things called ” M2M (Machine to Machine) “. To briefly explain the difference between the two, M2M only exchanges information between machines via a sensor network, etc., and does not connect to the Internet. On the other hand, in IoT, since things have communication functions, information can be sent and received via the Internet.

The use of IoT makes it possible to measure and control objects from remote locations and communicate with each other, so it is expected to be used in various fields and areas.

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How The IoT Works

Currently, IoT technology is beginning to be used in various home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators, automobiles/buses, and factory equipment/equipment.

Objects targeted by IoT are equipped with sensors, cameras, and wireless communication to detect the state and movement of objects and acquire data. The basic mechanism of IoT is to transmit the obtained information to people and things via the Internet. Let’s explain concretely the use cases of IoT.

Zojirushi Mahobin Co., Ltd., which is famous for thermos bottles and electric pots, is also one of the companies that succeeded in creating new commercial value by utilizing IoT.

We will explain the case, which transmits the usage status by mounting a wireless communication device on the electric pot.

IoT utilization example

Inform family members living away of the usage status of the electric kettle and confirm their safety

① Elderly parents living away use the electric kettle of Zojirushi

└ The electric kettle is equipped with a wireless communication device

② The usage status of the electric pot is sent to the family terminal

└ You can check the usage status of the electric pot twice a day, and you can also check the graph for one week.

③ You can grasp the rhythm of your parents’ life from the usage status of the electric pot

└ You can quickly confirm your safety when a change appears

The original value of an electric kettle is the convenience of being able to boil water quickly, maintaining the water temperature, and being able to put out hot water at any time. However, by installing a wireless communication device, it has become possible to provide consumers with the new value of being able to confirm the safety of their families living apart.

In the conventional electric kettle market, there is no choice but to compete with the functionality and price of the product itself, and since the main function of the electric kettle is as simple as “putting out hot water”, there is a problem that the replacement cycle is long. did.

However, with the introduction of IoT technology, the added value of a safety confirmation service has been added to the electric kettle as a “thing”, making it possible to approach consumers from an unprecedented perspective. Considering that the aging society will continue to accelerate in the future, it can be said that this is an example of IoT utilization in anticipation of changes in consumer demand.

Like this, the product value is changing from “selling goods” to “selling things” using IoT technology in each market.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ White Paper on Information and Communication in the First Year of Reiwa, it is predicted that approximately 45 billion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet in the 2020s. In the future, the trend toward IoT will expand further, and it is said that a society in which everything is connected to the Internet will arrive.

What is IoT?

  • Translated as “Internet of Things” 
  • Technology that enables measurement and control of objects from a remote location and communication between objects by connecting “things” to the Internet
  • It is possible to add value from different perspectives to existing products.
  • Approximately 45 billion IoT devices are projected to be connected to the Internet in the 2020s

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