IT Data Protection: The Identikit Of The Ideal System Integrator

IT Data Protection: The Identikit Of The Ideal System Integrator

The protection of computer data is essential for any company that is competing in today’s market. The digitization of business has placed the importance of information-based corporate knowledge at the center, which, if properly managed and processed, can reveal fundamental evidence for optimizing processes, deciding strategies, and innovating organizational models.

The protection of computer data must therefore be systematically pursued, within an all-encompassing strategy, which secures networks, endpoints, and applications, without neglecting the aspects of training for corporate users. This is why the support of an expert system integrator on cybersecurity issues and certification on the most advanced technologies becomes essential, which helps the customer to guarantee the protection of their information assets.

Cybersecurity, a gloomy picture

The IT security scenario is, in fact, increasingly alarming: according to recent Clusit statistics, the number of serious, successful attacks increased by 91.2% in the five years 2014-2019. Any company is at risk, and remedial action must be taken, especially given the complexity of protecting computer data in open and distributed multi-cloud environments, not circumscribed by perimeters. It is essential to organize your defense strategy on several levels, thanks to the guidance of a referenced and competent partner.

But how to identify the ideal system integrator?

From the network to the endpoint, the skills for the security strategy

The first requirement is a large-scale competence, which concerns all the components to be secured, starting from the network. Cybercriminals exploit traditional firewalls’ limitations and applications’ ever-changing behavior to spread new, targeted threats. The goal is to manage acceptable levels of risk without having to give up contemporary IT models such as smart working and cloud computing. The ideal system integrator must know how to support the customer in designing, implementing, and managing a secure, high-performance, and flexible network, which allows data centers and branch offices to be kept secure.

Endpoint defense is another essential point of a correct strategy for protecting computer data. The ideal system integrator possesses certifications and expertise in the most advanced technologies for device protection, which leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and counter threats.

Human error is one of the main criticalities in IT security management. Cybercriminals utilize user distraction to launch targeted attacks via email (for example, spear phishing and ransomware). It has been calculated that 91% of threats start with an email. The ideal system integrator knows how to implement the latest corporate email security platforms, including spam filters, encryption tools, data archiving, and backup solutions.

Services to help protect computer data

If certifications and technical skills are fundamental requirements for a system integrator, the consultancy aspects must not be forgotten.

The ideal partner offers Ethical Hacking services, such as Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests, which allow for verification of the security level of the customer’s infrastructure through the simulation of potential attacks and risk situations.

Finally, since user behavior is an essential factor for the protection of computer data, it becomes necessary to train company personnel to learn to recognize and prevent attacks. The ideal system integrator can offer personalized training, which provides useful information on the latest trends and the main attack vectors, giving operational indications on the behaviors to follow.

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