Pentaho, Birt, or Jaspersoft? Which Data Analytics Suite To Choose?

Pentaho, Birt, or Jaspersoft? Which Data Analytics Suite To Choose?

Ease of use, speed, and convenience… the aspects to evaluate

Data Analytics: Until a few years ago, BI (an acronym used to indicate “Business Intelligence “) represented a novelty for many companies, over time, it has transformed into a fundamental component of the IP infrastructure, both for large companies and for small businesses. Being able to take advantage of the ideal tools for analyzing production and economic data allows you to make the ideal strategic decisions for business growth, adopting targeted solutions for any specific critical issues. In this way, corporate investments are able to seize the opportunities offered by the reference market.

A large amount of data is not enough to ensure a satisfactory development of the activity, especially when this information is not collected and processed effectively. Precisely for this reason, it is advisable to choose the business intelligence suite that can respond in the best way to the needs of the single reality.

 The best suites in the field of Business Intelligence


Data virtualization, but also classic ETL functionalities, makes it possible to integrate big data archives with other data sources. The successful tool is Pentaho. In this case, what drives more and more companies to use it is the ability to connect easily to any data source. Pentaho also stands out for its ability to process streams and scale them if needed. In addition to following the natural growth of a company’s information, it manages to adapt to any data “peaks.”

It can also be the ideal solution for those companies looking for an effective tool despite having a limited budget available. Its “community” version is perfect in these cases. Just the Open Source Community has allowed Pentaho to increase the number of sources supported quickly.

By integrating the tools necessary for developing an Intelligent Business project, Pentaho is particularly aimed at companies that have chosen to approach new projects in this area. Even users who do not have in-depth technical knowledge will be able to proceed easily, thanks to the Zero Coding interface.


Birt (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) comes directly from the open-source world. The latest release brings a number of new reports to businesses. Furthermore, users will be able to count on a higher number of graphs and on a simple procedure that allows the creation of models to be reused later.


Jaspersoft represents one of the BI suites for data analysis. This suite represents a convenient, flexible, and easily integrated solution, also providing reports, analyses, and dashboards. Its strengths include the level of autonomy guaranteed by a series of “self-service” functions and the data processing speed. In particular, this latter feature is linked to the fact that the data can be accessed within the application used normally. The high scalability, in terms of architecture and costs, allows anyone to have easy access to the platform. Even small businesses can turn to Jaspersoft, given its ease of use.


Relying on BI software that is able to “treat” the data available, to organize, process, and return them so that they are coherent and legible, is now an essential condition for companies in order to develop their potential. While showing some differences, Jaspersoft, Pentaho, and Birt are united by the presence of extremely intuitive interfaces. The choice of one or the other must be made, taking into account the specific needs, but, in all cases, you will be dealing with an ideal solution for your strategies.

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