Digital Analysis, Why Is It Important?

Digital Analysis, Why Is It Important?

There are still few used and appreciated tools in the business world, but they can really make a difference. One of these is certainly digital analysis.

With this expression, we want to refer to the analysis of all that data, quantitative and qualitative, referring to a particular company and the comparison of the same concerning the competition.

The objective of digital analysis, on a general level, is certainly to improve one’s performance in terms of presence on the internet and offline “consent,” i.e., with reference, for example, to sales and assets.

Digital analysis then becomes fundamental when you want to create marketing strategy that are absolutely customer-oriented and that are also able to predict the behavior and tastes of those who have to make a choice from the point of view of consumers.

Digital analysis and company blogs

Data analysis is one of many tools that can be used to improve one’s presence on the internet and in the general market.

Indeed, the online presence will be essential precisely in order to reach an ever-growing number of consumers. To this end, creating company pages on social networks and creating and maintaining one’s own company blog is inspired.

In particular, the data analysis will concern the interaction that users will have with the company both through the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and the contacts that consumers will be able to establish by connecting, for example, to the company page and consulting blog on the internet.

The most important data for digital analysis

In many cases, we think we have performed a good digital analysis, despite having overlooked some fundamental aspects that should be considered to perform this type of analysis.

On the other hand, in many situations, there will be a tendency to consider data that could be useless or even harmful for the realization of a truthful analysis of one’s own company.

In fact, some data can be seen as overvalued compared to those that represent the company’s effective online presence and its power.

These include the following:

The traffic generated by the website

Analyzing the traffic generated by a website without referring to more in-depth analysis elements may lead nowhere. While admitting to having many visits, these may not be elements capable of increasing customers because, perhaps, the user will spend too little time on the site.

To have a truthful analysis, it is necessary to understand where the traffic comes from and in which period there has been a possible change in the volume of accesses.

The bounce rate

This data was identified as fundamental at one time, and the optimal bounce rate was between 40% and 60%.

Currently, however, there is a tendency to leave this aside since, by itself, it will not indicate anything specific about the company and its market power.

The data that, on the other hand, should be considered to carry out a good digital analysis will be:

The achievement of specific goals

Did the visits that users made also materialize from a concrete point of view? Can we get more contacts and increase sales or collaborations?


You will also have to evaluate the fact that a user should achieve a specific goal within the website. So, if users manage to get to your e-commerce easily, for example, your site will have been conceived correctly; otherwise, something will have to be changed.

Therefore, a digital analysis that has been well performed will not stop at pure and simple data but will be able to interpret them and will also be able to suggest measures to be implemented to improve the company policy under different aspects.

How to design an analysis

After understanding which data are important and which ones could be put into the background, it will also be possible to understand how to create and design an effective digital analysis path.

In fact, the analysis must never be an end in itself but must always be a tool thanks to which it will be possible to achieve concrete results in terms of new contacts, increase in business, and so on.

Thus, a well-done analysis will have some characteristics:

  • It will be performed by professionals in the field, as is the case with agencies that have specialized in offering web services to companies;
  • It must be aimed at the field in which the single company operates;
  • It will have to be reasoned, and it will not have to stop at simple data;
  • It will have to lead to improvements;
  • It could be a tool for growth, and on the basis of its results, it could be possible to intervene in company policy from different points of view;

Only in this way will the investment that has been made lead to useful results for the company.

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