Twitter Hashtags: How To Choose The Right Ones

Twitter Hashtags: How To Choose The Right Ones

Twitter Hashtags, Choosing the right hashtags is crucial, even on Twitter. Find out how to do it and how many to use to make your promotional message really effective.

Knowing how to identify and use the right hashtags on Twitter is essential because these can be very effective for filtering conversations, finding hot topics, engaging users, and promoting your products and/or services and your brand. Now let’s find out together how to choose the right hashtags and how many you need to use to convey your promotional message at best.

What are hashtags on Twitter, and what are they for

Hashtags are labels or tags used on Twitter and then on other social networks, such as Instagram, as thematic aggregators, that is, to collect different messages regarding the same specific topic. Graphically, hashtags appear as relevant keywords or phrases, written without spaces and punctuation marks, preceded by the hash symbol.

On Twitter, by clicking on a hashtag in any message, it is possible to view the other tweets in which the same hashtag is present. Furthermore, by typing a hashtag in the search bar, you can discover related content and accounts.

How many hashtags on Twitter

The general advice for those who decide to use hashtags on Twitter is not to overdo it, “cleaning” the tweets from hashtags that do not add value to what you are about to publish. Twitter itself recommends not using more than 2 hashtags per tweet, although the possibility of inserting more if deemed necessary remains valid.

How to choose hashtags on Twitter

To ensure greater engagement with your tweets, it is not enough to use popular hashtags on Twitter: these labels, in fact, collect a large number of messages in a short period of time, and for this reason, even using them is very difficult to emerge in the mare magnum of the tweet.

It is highly not recommended to use the Twitter hashtags of the moment in messages that have nothing to do with the topic related to them.

More niche hashtags, but at the same time more specific and less inflated on the social network, can instead guarantee more effective results than trending hashtags on Twitter. The advice is to find the right balance.

On the web, several specific tools help to identify the most used hashtags on Twitter and classify them in order of popularity or to find hashtags related to the most popular ones on the social media or those already used on your account. Twitter itself, through its Trends section, can provide those who have a business with a general indication of trends in line with their business.

We must not forget that on Twitter and other social networks, it is possible to create hashtags from scratch not previously used by other users. This choice, for example, can be indicated for the launch of a brand or a commercial initiative, or a particular event.

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