The Best Image Search Engines or Image Search Engines

The Best Image Search Engines or Image Search Engines

Image Search Engines: Nowadays, the searches carried out on the Internet are numerous, starting from the main search engines that people usually use, considering the most visited platforms to carry out tasks of interest in searching for information.

However, there are types of services that specialize in acquiring a specific type of content, the one that stands out the most of them is image search engines. Image search engines allow us to search the web for images from photos of any color, illustrations, and much more. We will try the best search engines or engines image search, plus reverse image search.

What are image search engines?

Image search engine are nothing more than search engines to find an image or several images; This search is carried out from a text (keywords), a web link to an image, or another image; the results depend on the search criteria, such as color distribution, shape, among others, and even depends on the search technique of the search engine.

Image search engines and sites

Next, we will show you the best image search engine and sites.

Image search engines

Google Images: One of the Best Image Search Engines

Google Images is a search engine specialized in images

Google Images is a search engine specialized in images, implemented in 2001. It has different search tools in its interface, which help us filter the results of the images, such as, by size, by image format (jpg, gif, and png), by color, among others.

You also have several functionalities, such as the user places the cursor over the photo, and the photo is enlarged without clicking on it. You can also drag an image to the search bar and search for information about that image on the web.

Google Images has a tool called Safe Search; its main objective is to prevent adult content from appearing in search.

Picsearch: One of the Best Image Search Engines

Picsearch, based in Stockholm, Sweden, and founded in 2000, is another image search engine that provides photos to users based on their keywords.

This search engine has more than three billion images. And also, the absence of pornography in the results obtained is an ideal option for minors.

Yahoo Image Search: One of the Best Image Search Engines

Yahoo provides image search.

Although Yahoo has been through its best times, image search is one of the best options. The search interface is sleek and to the point, and image filters are found on the search results page, making it easy for users to set their tastes to fine-tune the results easily.

Bing Images: One of the Best Image Search Engines

Formerly, Microsoft Bing is a web browser presented on May 28, 2009, by Steve Ballmer at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego; it was put online on June 3, 2009, with a preliminary version published on June 1, 2009. Among its search products is that of images.

Bing Pictures allows the user to quickly search and display the most relevant photos and images of interest. Among its main features is its infinite scrolling, allowing you to navigate through a large number of images quickly. Its interface contains a set of filters, which allow you to refine the search results in terms such as image size, color or black and white photos or illustration, and recognition of facial features.

Pixabay: Of The Best Image Search Engines

Pixabay contains over 1.9 million high-quality images and videos.

Pixabay was created in Germany by Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger in November 2010.

It contains over 1.9 million high-quality images and videos, also includes vector graphics and illustrations. One of the significant advantages is that the images found on the site are registered in the public domain under Creative Commons / Creative Commons CC0 Licenses, which can be downloaded and used without any problems.

Flickr: One of the Best Image Search Engines

Flickr is a website; you can store, order, search, sell and share photos or videos online, using the Internet.

Flickr was implemented by the Canadian company Ludicorp in 2004 and sold to Yahoo! in 2005 to replace the Yahoo! Photos, and in 2018, SmugMug bought it.

Flickr is nothing more than a website, which can be stored, ordered, searched, sold, and shared photos or videos online via the Internet. Its main capacity is to manage photos using tools that allow authors to tag their photos, explore and comment on the images of other users. If users are looking for impressive photo galleries, this website is one of the top choices.

Getty Images: Of The Best Image Search Engines

Getty Images is a photography agency created by Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein on March 14, 1995; it contains a database with more than 60 million images and illustrations and more than 10,000 hours of videos from various well-known brands. In addition, the search can be restricted to the level that the images are free.

Twitter: One of the Best Image Search Engines

Twitter is one of the greats of social networks, one of its characteristics is to search for images in the accounts of this social network of public access or only the people you follow. In addition, you can limit your search near your location.

Pexels: One of the Best Image Search Engines

Pexels make high-quality, free photos available.

Pexels was founded in 2014, and they make high-quality, free photos available. Searching for the images is very simple since the photos are well labeled; yes, the labels have to be put in English.

Unsplash: From the Best Image Search Engines

Unsplash is another image search engine with more than 2 million photos and the most recommended.

The Unsplash project was created in 2013 in Montreal by businessman Mickael Cho. Its database has more than 2 million photographs. It is a site that he most recommends for searching for images.

Classroom Clipart: From the Best Image Search Engines

Classroom Clipart is a site with thousands of clipart, graphics, images, etc.

Classroom Clipart is a site with thousands of free clipart, graphics, images, animated clip art, illustrations, photos, and videos separated by theme, allowing users to search faster.

National Geographic Photography Collection: One of the Best Image Search Engines

National Geographic Photography Collection is a search site for images, great free wallpapers of places, animals, nature, and much more.

Reverse Image Search

Where do photos we see on the Internet come from? Who else is using the photo I took yesterday? We can answer these questions by reverse image search.

What is a reverse image search, and what is its use?

Reverse image search is nothing more than a content-based image retrieval query technique, requiring the system to provide a photo and search for image information.

This technique is used to know the origin of a certain image, find better resolution versions, detect the web pages where the image is used, find the author of the image, find the person who created the image, and acquire information about a certain image.

Examples of reverse image search are Google, TinEye, and Pixsy.

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