What To Publish On The Company’s Facebook Page?

What To Publish On The Company’s Facebook Page?

What kind of content should you share on your business Facebook page? Here are some rules to follow to be better present on Facebook.

Having a business Facebook page is ideal for promoting a business as most of the customers are on the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg. It also makes it possible to make the company more “human,” increase its visibility, amplify the message, make the assistance service more efficient and measure the return on investment (ROI). It is essential, however, to know what content to publish and how to organize it efficiently. Below, you will find some tips for your Business Facebook page.

What to publish on the company’s Facebook page

The social network itself comes to the rescue of those who own a company’s Facebook page or intend to create one but do not know what content to share on it. Facebook, in fact, has compiled a list of useful ideas regarding the posts to be published on a company page. Specifically, the recommendations are:

  • Present the current call to action button, highlighting the new button set with a specific post;
  • Organize contests or distribute gifts, very useful expedients to get “likes,” comments, and shares (but subject to some strict rules);
  • Share testimonials from fans in order to create more empathy;
  • Announce company news ;
  • request feedback from the public, thus creating greater transparency and openness towards one’s audience;
  • Ask the public to make a choice, to arouse the interest of customers, and invite users to respond;
  • Ask a question, stimulating users/customers to generate conversations on the company’s posts;
  • Share industry news to make it clear that the goal of the company’s Facebook page is not only to promote and sell but also to inform users;
  • Celebrating holidays, joyful and light occasions to share popular interests with one’s audience;
  • Highlight the best posts to reach an even wider audience and get in touch with other potential customers;
  • Create or highlight an event to grow the community that revolves around the company;
  • Create a post with a job offer in case of new hires to find knowledgeable and genuinely interested candidates;
  • Promote a group to get more interactions and grow the community;
  • Refer to the Stories on the page, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the company;
  • Sharing anecdotes to make the company more “human” and generate empathy.

Company Facebook page: some tips

Once you have learned what to publish on the company’s Facebook page, it remains to understand how to best package the posts. In this regard, knowing your audience is essential to understanding how to connect with them effectively.

Experimenting and analyzing the results of the various posts and user behavior through the data made available by the social media is the best way to understand who your customers are.

Then, specifically, the posts on the page should:

  • Contain high-quality gifs, images, or videos ;
  • Allow people to perform actions, capturing the attention and stimulating the curiosity of users by inviting them, for example, to share articles, subscribe to the newsletter, or provide an opinion on the services;
  • Be simple and tidy, with clean and consistent colors, recognizable images, and short, impactful texts.

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