6 Google Snippets That Can Improve Your Site

6 Google Snippets That Can Improve Your Site

Discover the 6 Google Snippets to optimize for a successful website or blog capable of responding correctly and completely to customer searches.

Gaining visibility on Google is one of the priority objectives of those with a blog or a site linked to a business. To be able to stand out from the competition, however, it is essential to organize the information better so that the Google snippet, that is, the “business card” of the site that the search engine shows on the results page, is complete and, at the same time, captivating.

Google snippet: the basics

The Google Snippet is created automatically from the web page’s contents, aiming to show a preview of the elements most relevant to the user’s search. There are two main methods available to a site owner to suggest content to use for the snippet:

  • meta description tags ;
  • multimedia results (for example, a recipe).

The three fundamental components that make up the Google snippet are:

  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that is the address of the web page, must be concise, SEO-friendly, and speaking (that is, it must describe the actual content of the page);
  • Tag Title is very important as it quickly explains to the user why that result is relevant to the query and provides the main information about the page contents. It must be concise and descriptive and must include the brand concisely, avoiding standard formulas and repetitions;
  • Meta Description aims to inform and capture users’ attention with a brief, relevant summary of the theme of the web page. It is important to differentiate the descriptions of the various pages and to include the main data of the page within each meta description, clearly encoded.

The 6 Google Snippets to be optimized at best

In addition to Url, Title, and Description, it is possible to highlight further aspects of the site to capture the attention of the user browsing the search engine. Obviously, the choice is linked to one’s specific objectives. Still, it is possible to identify some extensions to which, in general, particular attention should be paid in the context of SEO optimization.

site links

Sitelinks are links under some Google search results to help users reach specific pages that directly contain the requested information. These links are automated, but it is possible to intervene on the site to better organize your contents, for example, by using anchor text and alt text in an informative, concise, and without repetition.

Internal anchors

The presence of an index with internal anchors is particularly useful for the organization of contents because the search engine recognizes its presence and the added value it offers to the page when it analyzes a site. The direct consequence is that if a user’s search corresponds to an index entry with an internal anchor, Google inserts that entry in the snippet (with the words “Go to”), allowing the user to better navigate within the contents and thus guaranteeing the double site visibility.

Box Search

A website that has an internal search engines can then implement a customized SERP search form. This is particularly useful for the user, who has the ability to virtually navigate the site in search of specific information even before actually entering the site itself.

Rating Snippet

When the web page refers to a product or service, adding the so-called “stars” (the rating mechanism adopted by Google) through a plug-in allows you to capture the user’s attention, providing valuable information on the evaluation that other people have given that product or service. In addition to the stars (from 1 to 5), the evaluation in numerical terms and, possibly, the price also appears in the Google snippet.

Featured Snippet

Optimizing your site to appear as a Featured Snippet can increase your visibility exponentially. This is the featured snippet placed by Google at the top of the results as it is considered the best answer to the question posed by the user. On a graphic level, a text-based featured google snippets appears as a box containing a short excerpt of the web page with the precise answer to the user’s request, as well as clearly the link of the source from which it is derived.

The featured results are automatically extracted by Google’s algorithm, which selects the information that best responds to the user’s query. To produce content capable of obtaining a featured snippet, it may be useful to identify a specific question that might be interesting for your target audience and answer it and other related questions on your site, working on long-tail keywords.

Recipes, videos, tables

Recipes, videos, and tables are treated on Google since additional textual information and more are previewed in the google snippets. For the recipes, it is possible to view the ingredients and an image; for the videos, a preview with the annotation of the minutes where you can find the answer to your question for the tables and the sorted data. Optimizing images and all this information is therefore of crucial importance.

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