Snippet Optimization – 5 Principles Of Google Positioning

Snippet Optimization – 5 Principles Of Google Positioning

Snippet Optimization: Is it possible to quickly position any page? Without spending time and energy on backlinks, building your site and exchanging content? Yes – these are featured snippets!

Of course, we do not recommend ignoring all the other components of internet marketing – a bad website will not position anything. But there is a loophole that gives you the chance to bypass all of these elements as long as you follow a few rules.

Are featured snippets the holy grail?

The Polish name of this function is “recommended excerpts with an answer” and a two-three-sentence text summary shown on Google. Therefore, the featured snippet provides answers to the question asked by the user already at the level of the search results: in the form of a list, table or paragraph. The use of such a solution positively affects the traffic on a given website.

So how do you use it? It is mainly about minor corrections on the page, which will be picked up by the Google algorithm – not the main one, but simpler – and will present the answers to the user. Here are the 4 rules for featured snippets positioning.

Rule # 1: the “what is it” formula

The first thing to do is add a header like “What is [query]” to the page. Thanks to this formula, Google knows that it should display this snippet if someone asks a specific question. Try to use this headline as high as possible in the body of your article – ideally right after the introduction. This strategy is foolproof – practically doomed to success.

Rule No. 2: the sentence with the formula “[query] to”

When positioning featured snippets, it is very important that you add the phrase “[keyword] this”. This structure allows Google to instantly identify the fragment that contains the answer to the question asked. Thus, not only the headline is important, but also the relevant paragraph content.

Rule # 3: Briefly describe the topic

The purpose of the recommended excerpts is to provide information in the shortest possible time. This means that the article you are positioning must explain the most important things in up to three sentences. Therefore, brevity and integrity are highly rewarded; it is not worth showing off difficult expressions here. Even repetitions will not be unwelcome.

Rule # 5: never use a brand name!

Several things make the featured snippet unreadable to the browser. One of them is the proprietary name of the company – an error that appears frequently. Even if you apply the above rules very well, you will not achieve anything if you try to advertise your company. First of all, try to keep the user in mind.

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