How To Check Which Accounts You Used The Same Password On iPhone, iPad, And Mac

How To Check Which Accounts You Used The Same Password On iPhone, iPad, And Mac

Among the indications for choosing a secure password, it is always recommended to choose a password with eight or more characters and that is a mix of different types of characters, do not use names, words found in the dictionary, telephone numbers, dates, or simply a combination of all of these.

It is also recommended that you avoid using keyboard character sequences, such as a series of keys in a row or diagonally, and instead use a random character sequence. It is essential to include a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, and (if the site or element allows it) various symbols.

A trick to create strong passwords, but not easy to guess, is to think of a known phrase, for example, “In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself in a dark forest” and take advantage of the first letters of each word: “NMDCDNVMRPUSO” followed by numbers (eg the year of our birth date) and symbols such as “$” or others: not easy to guess, very easy for us to remember.

A common mistake we all make is to use the same passwords for multiple accounts. As you can imagine, if someone finds a password, they will gain access to all other accounts where we use the same combination. 

Better to use different passwords for each account. But how to check if we have multiple accounts with the exact same password? From iOS, you can do this by going to Settings, choosing “Passwords and accounts”, then “App and website passwords”. After authentication with Touch ID or Face ID, a list of the various sites and services for which the system has stored passwords is presented.

To help the user replace passwords already used on another website with a unique password, passwords that have already been used are marked in the password list with the “!”

Passwords already used on other accounts

By clicking on one of the accounts marked with the “!” Symbol, iOS displays the name and password, the reference website, and on which other sites the same passwords is used. The link to the site in question is also shown, allowing you to go to this site and change your password.

On macOS, a function similar to that of iOS is not offered but if you use Safari as a browser you can go to the “Safari” menu, select “Preferences” and from here “Password”.

 After indicating the user’s password, it is possible to view the list of websites with the passwords stored in the system and, on the right, the yellow icon with the “!” which reports if and where we used the same password.

Safari allows you to view passwords that we have reused on multiple sites

Do You Want a Strong Password? Leave It To Safari

When a website asks you to register and specify a password, Safari is able to suggest secure and unique passwords. The password can be saved in the iCloud Keychain and it will be entered automatically in all the devices on which we have the iCloud account active (no need to worry if the password is too long or complex).

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