Is The Long Awaited Wireless Reverse Charging Finally Realized For iPhone 13?

Is The Long Awaited Wireless Reverse Charging Finally Realized For iPhone 13?

Popular YouTuber Philip Coroy has said that the iPhone 13 series will upgrade MagSafe, according to information from renowned leaker Max Wayne back. Apple has recently warned that the MagSafe on the iPhone 12 could interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers, which is surprising news.

American Heart Association magazine (JAHA) and Heart Rhythm Journal (HRJ) issued a warning about MagSafe earlier this year, and the magnet built into the iPhone 12 series “affects lifesaving treatment” I could give it. “

The MagSafe used in the iPhone 12 uses the power of a magnet to stick the device to the pad, allowing for perfect charging. According to Colley, the iPhone 13 will have a larger MagSafe wireless charging coil, which will charge faster with more power. It’s also very likely that the iPhone 12 will be able to do two-way charging (reverse wireless charging) that has been forgotten. Once this feature is implemented, you can charge it by simply placing an AirPods case or Qi-compatible device.

These features are a very welcome upgrade given that the iPhone lags behind competing for Android devices.

According to Koroy et al., The iPhone 13 will be available in portrait mode, which blurs the background not only for still images but also for videos. If this is the case, it could be the next hottest trend on Instagram and TikTok, but iOS 15’s FaceTime video options have already added similar features.

These moves seem to be very exciting. There are some disappointing news reports about the iPhone 13. The storage capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro is less than expected, the revival of Touch ID is postponed again, and LiDAR is likely to be installed only in Pro.

However, the iPhone 13 series has some compelling features. Other leak information includes a smaller notch area, a larger new camera with image stabilization, improved batteries, and a high-performance A15 chipset.

Waiting for the 2022 iPhone 14 may be the right decision, of course, but choosing the latest model of the year doesn’t seem to regret it.

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