Posts First Thing In The Morning, That is, When To Post On Social Media.

Posts First Thing In The Morning, That is, When To Post On Social Media.

A river of posts from hundreds of thousands of profiles is constantly flowing through Facebook because everyone knows perfectly well that it is the most important marketing tool for building a trusted customer base. You just have to act to attract users’ attention and cut through this white noise of information.

And this is where the basic question arises: when to post on Facebook?

With a watch in his hand

The platform’s algorithm selects the content to be displayed based on the popularity indicator, news, and content type. In short: the fresher the post is at any given time, the more likely it is to appear on the user’s wall. Likewise, the more reactions or shares they get, the more they match the recipient’s interests, and so on.

We’ve known that timely publishing is the key to success for a long time. Many people have already tried to convince marketers that one hour is the absolute best, golden time, and choosing it is the guarantee of success. Unfortunately, humans are not machines – everyone has different habits, just like other habits have different audiences. There is no simple recipe for social media, so everyone should figure it out for themselves when they get the best results. How to do it?

Review the results so far

To find out what works best for your profile, check out which posts have reached a good reach and have had many likes or shares. What times did you publish them? After finding out such information, you will be able to determine what type of content users like the most. You can also consult the data with management tools, such as Facebook Insights or Hootsuite, which we wrote about recently. And remember, success is a combination of great content and perfect publication timing.

Upload when recipients are awake

If your post comes out at midnight when no one is active, then it will just be old by 8 am. So people who get up for work in the morning will not see him! Therefore, it is worth determining when users browse Facebook and then providing them with the latest texts.

Upload when the competition is asleep

Other profiles are also looking for the right hours for themselves. If you are fighting for the same target, your content will compete with each other on audience boards. Take a look at their results: when are they successful and when posts have two likes. Learn from it! If they collected as many as 100 likes on Thursday afternoon, then perhaps this is the time when you should also act. If something doesn’t work out for them – don’t repeat their mistakes!

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