Selling Trust To Sell a Security

Selling Trust To Sell a Security

Selling Trust, We should take an example from all those who put their commitment, dedication, and consistency into what they do every day. And here we could end our article: if I sow and cultivate consistently, the results cannot fail to come, and we know that two negations make a statement.

So I start closely and always in shooting and on the piece, always looking for the most effective way to find skillful answers to the challenges that come from the new context in which we operate today. Always wondering what to offer in terms of new solutions and innovative tools for its customers; available to get in the car for an appointment, to invest in new communication technologies (calls, webinars, interactive classrooms, etc.) … ultimately, always oriented to wanting to know you all better and more closely, whether you are Installers, Distributors or Manufacturing companies of the sector. My self-referentiality? Do I write well about who hosts me? No Gentlemen, I am saying what is true for me, and I have been able to ascertain over the years. 

Small interlude, as a preview of the article’s ending: learn to acknowledge and express emotions – which are not an indication of weakness. Of course, we expose ourselves and lend a side because we take the risk of being ourselves … but what could be more beautiful?

Never be satisfied

Let us, therefore, lay down the message that I am suggesting between the lines: reliability, recognition, lightness, and interest as examples of some of the characteristics that distinguish the work of those who wanted this magazine. Behind there is a mission or clarity of purpose: always to raise the bar in the Security sector, bringing testimonies, descriptions of how the sector is evolving, of the problems (challenges) that you are all called to face every day. This and only this is the recipe that I want to suggest to you. I stop and play “hide and seek.” Be curious and naughty, and don’t be satisfied. Be humble. Learn from who is better than you; ah, I forgot: whoever is better is “only” someone who has done his ass more than you. 

Uncertainty, a fixed point

Martin Luther King once said: “the greatness of a man lies in the greatness of the dream in which he has decided to believe.” Stop and waste time thinking today. Yes, I said waste your time, and it is obvious that it is provoking you. But haven’t you figured it out yet? We are in a period of general sclero, where any situation has undergone a sudden acceleration, the paradigms of how to go to market have changed, the insecurities are new, and we have not yet really understood what is happening, but above all, what direction we are going (which scenarios ahead). But when everything shakes, and there are no certainties, the absence of stability paradoxically becomes a fixed point on which to rely.

The key is you

Yes, yes, beautiful words will you tell me, and what should you rely on? Simple, on you! It is useless to start running left and right, pushing and doing a quantity of work (= we have to invoice – God forbid); the customer feels it and smells you, perceives when we run for cover, and improvise. It passes incredibly and indelibly in the relationship, as if it were an unpleasant smell, when we are anxious and “push” for confirmation or acceptance. 

How do you stand?

So let’s accept that we are unprepared and unprepared; let’s go back to the ameliorative doubt, which does not mean making a clean sweep, but rather looking at oneself from a different perspective. Ask yourself questions, and subject your certainties to contradiction. Question yourself, show courage and do things with your heart for those who have forgotten it. This always pays off. Even those who are born “ready” trust that (if) they tell it. For example, the disease puts everyone on the same level so that a pandemic will provide for the development of new paradigms or business models for everyone. In summary, we should strive to understand today that the more the outside wobbles, the more we will have to compensate on the inside (no longer on the product, but on how we stand). People, and therefore customers, are frightened and destabilized.

Communicating safety

Be security ambassadors, and communicate security before selling it. Assure, and reassure that customer that you are there with him and with him to understand. Turn on the lighthouse on the client; let him be the protagonist of the story that goes on stage, and you the extras. Put it at the center of the relationship. Ask him questions because you are seriously interested in grasping and understanding his needs. Do not force the times; instead, give availability and do not want to receive answers and guarantees. Offer (you) and don’t demand. But also know how to set boundaries: the “too much too much” and therefore also too much availability could be misleading and take away the value of what you are proposing (if I am aware of the value of what I have to give, I will not sell it off). 

Selling trust

The synthesis I am aiming for is: today, for a person to feel safe (safe) and therefore protected and “pampered and brooded” (like a chick), it is first necessary that they can trust you! We will have to sell him an intangible and non-reputable product which is called “trust.” 

If the customer learns to trust us, then he will trust us and will be ready to receive our proposal. Otherwise, it is a dialogue between the deaf, and you already know it; all the times they have bounced and said, “I think about it … this is not the time … I have to budget it … you know the period … I have to talk about it with my Partner, Barista … the neighbor’s cat … etc.”. 

And why is the customer led to be wary? Because he does not know you, or perhaps he has been negatively stimulated by word of mouth from an acquaintance who was not satisfied by another supplier, or perhaps because the communicative team of recent months has created a sort of psychological terrorism for him and we know that moments of strong stress amplifies personal insecurities; if Covid were metaphorically an earthquake, what would be the houses that would come down first? Those with weak foundations.

From the Treccani dictionary

“Safety: the condition that makes and makes you feel free from dangers, or that gives you the possibility of preventing, eliminating or reducing serious damage, risks, difficulties, unpleasant occurrences, and the like.” And here is the point: who is responsible for making the customer feel safe in a business relationship? Yours, without discounts, if and but. But make him feel safe about what? Concerning his perception of danger, how he experiences it and talks about it. It is by starting from the subjective representation of our interlocutor/client that we can give him a meaningful position or allow him to perceive how what we offer him can respond exactly to his needs.

Let’s try together

Well, in all the classrooms/courses that we managed with the Ethos Media Group colleagues, we have seen humble people, curious and intrigued by the reflections we are sharing. Therefore well: we are on the right path to raising the commercial bar of the sector and allow you to acquire tools that are not necessarily new, but effective and common sense. At the same time, we see that almost everyone, initially, does not know how to communicate with questions and instead explains to the customer what they do! That is, they do not work on needs, and we go back: “I think about it …”. So gentlemen / s: when you ask us for a 4-hour course, what do you think you will achieve? Do you think that in 4 hours, I can overturn your commercial paradigms? That I can do in 4 hours what you have not been able to do in who knows how many years? Grandparents used to say that “something is better than nothing,” of course.

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