Fast chargers For iPhone And iPad, The Best

Fast chargers For iPhone And iPad, The Best

Buying a good charger has always been a… good idea. In fact, Apple has long put chargers in its packaging that are unworthy of the price and quality of its phones. 

Now, after a brief interregnum during which he offered us an 18W charger, he has even stopped supplying a charger, focusing heavily on wireless charging. All of us in the house have one even if it is not necessarily of quality and above all of the sufficient level to meet the “expectations” of your iPhone or any other device that recharges through a USB port. 

The mission of this article is to lead you to discover what for us are the best fast chargers of the moment. Before moving on to the list, some premises that will help you understand how we have chosen these products.

  • Today iPhones recharge at 18W, iPads can absorb up to 30W. To achieve this performance you need a charger with a USB-C port
  • Using a PowerDelivery charger in half an hour you get to charge an average of 40% of an iPhone 12. Full charging usually takes between 100 and 120 minutes depending on the model
  • To recharge with this performance you need a Lightning to USB-C cable that is included in the package in the latest iPhones and iPads. If you need an additional one, we recommend that you take a look at our list of the best ones you can find here
  • The best chargers of the moment use a protocol called PowerDelivery 3, an innovation that was born on the basis of the original power delivery. Although not essential to achieve maximum performance, this protocol is essential to allow the Magsafe power supply to reach 15W and the Magsafe Duo to reach 14W.

All iPhones from iPhone 8, iPad mini 5th gen., All iPads from original 10.5 onwards, all iPad Pros, support power delivery. The penultimate and latest generation iPad Pro and the latest generation iPad Air support up to 30W input.

As we mentioned in the iPhone packaging you can no longer find a charger. In the iPad box, yes. However, an extra charger is almost essential, this is to recharge multiple devices at once, to recharge them faster, to recharge them in different rooms or places. Below we give you an idea of ​​which in our opinion are the best or most interesting of the moment.

  • 1 UGREEN PD 30W: practical
  • 2 Anker PowerPort Atom 3 Slim: universal
  • 3 Anker Nano: it can’t be smaller
  • 4 Xiaomi 65W Fast Charger: small and powerful
  • 5 Native Union PD 18W: thin
  • 6 UGREEN 65W: for those with many iPhones
  • 7 Choetech: fast charging in the car
  • 8 LinkOn 112W

UGREEN PD 30W: Practical

The first PD charger that we recommend is the Ugreen one. It is most likely the most convenient and practical of the latest generation chargers. It has only one port but is already compatible with PowerDelivery 3. 

It does not reach 30W, like some other competitors, but with 20W it is enough to charge all the latest generation iPhones at full power – with this power supply an iPhone 12 even less than 2 hours. 

It should be noted that, as we wrote above, that being compatible with the PowerDelivery 3 protocol it is able to push the Magasafe power supply to 15W. It costs around 15 euros, but it is easy to find it at lower prices on offer.

Anker PowerPort Atom 3 Slim: Universal

If Ugreen’s is the most convenient and practical of the PowerDelivery chargers, the PowerPort Atom 3 Slim might be the only charger you need. This accessory is very thin and is also able to charge three devices from its traditional USB ports and at the same time also any USB-C powered device providing up to 45W in total. 

In practical terms, it recharges the latest generation iPhones and older ones but also laptops such as MacBook Air at the maximum speed possible. It is even capable of supporting MacBook Pro operation. It is also ideal for the new iPhones and iPads and even more iPad Pros as they draw up to 30W. With the USB-A ports, you can still charge a plethora of other devices at high speed. 

It has recently been updated to the PowerDeloivery 3 protocol. It has a list price of 39.99 euros but is presented on some occasions on offer.

Baseus USB-C 100W

The Baseus USB-C is currently one of the most powerful USB-C chargers on the market. It has two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports which collectively bring the power capacity to 100W; fully charges a 16 ″ MacBook Pro, says the manufacturer, in just 1.8 hours or an iPhone 12 up to 50% in 30 minutes. 

Obviously, you can use the two USB-C ports to recharge any accessory or to also connect a Magsafe or a Magsafe 2; since we are dealing with a third-generation USB-C charger, maximum power is guaranteed. 

It is important to note that the two USB-C ports used together provide 65 and 30W respectively; using the four ports simultaneously, the main port continues to deliver 65W, the second USB-C drops to 20W, and the two USB-A ports provide 15W. 

Recall that to recharge a MacBook Pro 16, today the most demanding in terms of Mac power, 65W is sufficient even if the performance of the Apple charger for this machine is 91W. There is also a 100W USB-C cable in the box, perfect as an alternative to Apple’s. At the moment it costs around € 60

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Anker Nano: It Can’t Be Smaller

If your purpose is to literally put the best PowerDelivey charger for an iPhone in your pocket, what you need to do is head to Amazon and buy the Anker Nano 20W. As the name implies, it is a power delivery 3.0 charger with a charging power of up to 20W. 

At the moment there is no such small and compact charger on the market with the same power and already even updated, in fact, to PD3. We tried it in this article and was definitely impressed. 

Basically, it’s as big as Apple’s old 5W charger but with 4 times its performance. It is perfect to accompany the new Magsafe charger. The price is identical (€ 24.99) to that of the 20W Apple charger but it is much larger.

Xiaomi 65W Fast Charger: small And Powerful

If you need a powerful charger at a minimum size, here is the solution. Xiaomi 65W Fast Charger with USB-C cable included. Here “maximization” affects the relationship between power and size.

 It has a footprint not much larger than that of a common plug but high-level performance. In particular, up to 65W can be output from its USB-C port, more than enough to recharge not only an iPhone at its maximum power (18W) or an iPad Pro always at maximum (30W), but also a MacBook Air and even a MacBook. Pro 13 of the new and old generation. It has a list price of 39.99 euros

Neckteck USB Charger: With USB-C Cable

If power is your thing, this Neckteck branded charger is what you need. It has 4 ports of which three are traditional USB-2, but the USB-C port provides up to 60W of power; there is enough to charge even a 13 ″ MacBook Pro. 

Note that in the package you will also find a cable 1 USB-IF certified type C cable, about one meter long, certified up to 100W; in practice, you also take home a cable that you can use without problems with any Mac and even the latest generation iPad Pro. Obviously, if you need to recharge an iPhone or an iPad instead, you must have a Lightning cable.

Native Union PD 18W: Thin

Native Union is known for producing very original and even sought-after devices. This is the case with this interesting wall charger that aims more than being small to be thin. 

You can put it practically anywhere and connect two devices to it: one compatible with Power Delivery and one compatible with traditional charging because it has two ports, one USB-C and one USB-A. It is also an international charger because it offers three different types of plugs.

Quntis 18W: With UB-C Lightning Cable

The Quntis 18W would have nothing special on its own. At the bottom, it’s a tiny USB-C charger like there are others with only one port. What sets it apart from other products is that it comes bundled with an iPhone-compatible cable. 

This is an Apple-certified USB-C to Lightning cable that saves you from buying a separate cable that alone could cost at least a dozen euros (much more if you buy the one made by Apple). Instead, cable chargers together cost 24.99 euros

UGREEN 65W: For Those With Many iPhones

Most USB-C chargers have one or two ports at the most. But there is Ugreen which offers a charger with three USB ports that reach a total of 65W. 

Thanks to this power and the three USB-ports (plus a USB-A) you can charge three latest-generation iPhones together, or charge an iPhone and a MacBook Pro 13 or MacBook Air together, or a MacBook Air and an iPad and an iPad Pro always at full power. Thanks to the charger you can also take advantage of the new MagSafe with any iPhone or Mac. 

The important thing will be that from at least one port, the one to which you connected the Magsafe, the output is 20W. In fact the Ugreen charger is also PowerDelivery protocol 3, that is required to bring the Apple accessory to maximum speed. It costs 49.99 euros at the time of writing 49.99 euros.

Choetech: Fast Charging In The Car

If you don’t want to give up the charging speed when you are in the car you can join the club. Many have this need because having excellent speed means being able to restore the autonomy of a phone even short distances. 

For this reason, many manufacturers have launched PowerDelivery chargers and USB-C ports. One of those that we would like to point out is that of Choetech, a very small car charger with two USB-C ports. 

It is capable of charging two devices providing up to 36W, basically, 18W per port, which is needed to charge two phones at the same time. It is bought at a price of around 15 euros

LinkOn 112W

If you are not looking for a car charger with “normal” performance but want one to recharge a MacBook Pro at maximum performance then you need the LinkOn. Diu is an accessory capable of providing 112W and as such is even configured as the most powerful of the chargers listed on this page. 

One of the two ports is a 90W USB-C. This means that you can use it, perhaps during a trip in an RV to keep the battery level of your Mac (or even PC) high. The second port is 18W and is compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. 

It is obviously not the smallest of car chargers but it is certainly a real “monster” in the relationship between performance and size; at the moment it costs around 60 €. If you have more than one USB-A device to recharge there is also an alternative; the version with a 65W USB-C port and two 18W USB-A Quick Charge ports.

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